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  1. Hey there! First off, this is a wonderful hack and I've been having a blast with it! It's been years since I last played XD, and when I found out that this hack existed I decided that I wanted to try it. However, I seem to have run into an issue and I'm not sure where else to ask; been researching for a few days now with no luck. I'm playing on Dolphin 5.0 and used an action replay code I found online for XD to snag any Pokemon I want, even non-shadows. The reason? I want every Politoed I come across, just for fun. I made it partway through the Cipher Key Lair before I started using it, and now trainers have no normal Pokemon (shadow monsters will still show up, as will wild encounters). This results in most battles starting with "[Trainer Name] sent out !" and nothing being sent out. Doing anything will result in me winning the battle and winning $0 for my efforts. I have tried disabling the code and restarting, but nothing changes. Do you know of a fix for this? I'm fully prepared to start over if need be, as I've been having a blast, but it would be a shame to lose my progress up to this point. I just want to fill my boxes with an army of beautiful frog children. Thanks for reading, and well done with the hack!
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