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  1. Hey no problem. I just followed your steps on my phone. I set it to the Target closest to my house. To be clear to everyone. You have to open the Dev tools on your phone. You can google how to do it on your own phone. I had to go to "About Phone" in my settings then "Software Information" then tap "Build Number" 7 times. Then in Dev tools I went to "Mock GPS Location App" and added Fake GPS which I downloaded from the Play Store. I set the app to the Target closest to me and followed theSLAYER's steps. I love this btw. It might be the easiest way to get Events ever, I live really close to a Target so I didn't even have to do this.
  2. I will confirm Fake GPS app in dev mode without rooting works on an Android phone.
  3. I had no idea you could spoof Go without Jailbreak. That must be the reason we have so many spoofers in our area. I use Android and it's been a long time since I looked into it. As far I know you can't spoof with Android without rooting. I used to bot Go a long time ago but had an account banned. Now with my current account its just not worth the risk. So much more fun to just go out and play with friends anyway. Eventually you get those regionals via a trade or somehow anyway.
  4. If you do have to go to the store I wonder if you'll be able to use a GPS spoofer. Some apps you can use one without rooting.
  5. I know, I mean I won't have to make a sales person go get me a code.
  6. Just another way to advertise really. I opened the app and it had all sorts of Detective Pikachu adverts. Glad I won't have to go to the store and have to ask someone for a code anymore.
  7. Sounds like a plan, I do appreciate all the help tho, truly. I'll try to contribute more in the future now that I finally made an account.
  8. Still nothing, but now I can open the newly created folder in the Event database.
  9. Strange I'm not getting it. Maybe I'm pointing to the wrong DB?
  10. Thank you Slayer. I wanted to say I've been lurking here for a very very long time and want to thank you for all you do. I wouldn't have all these event mons in my collection if it wasn't for this website. Your suggestion worked btw, I'll just have to wait for the DB to get updated to get the latest Mewtwo.
  11. Hi first post here. I'm trying to get the new event pokemon into my Let's Go save. It says that I can take the wb7full file and put it into the left side of PKHex. However, PKHex says it's an unsupported file type. Am I missing something here?
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