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  1. PMD Expanded Sky - EoS New Gen Starters Mod

    This is a rom hack of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky that adds in new starter pokémon from across gens 5-9!
    On top of just adding the standard starters, Zorua and Rockruff have also been made starters, Eevee can evolve into Sylveon, and all partner pokémon across all rescue team and explorers games are available. Implements the fairy type, updating all fairy pokemon and moves to have the correct typing. Milk Drink has been replaced with Disarming Voice, and the placeholder move data for Judgement has been replaced by Moonblast. Due to limitations to the amount of partners in the game, the mod has been split into two separate patches, MIDDAY version and MIDNIGHT version. Both have the same hero options, but MIDDAY includes all fire, grass and water starters for gens 1-7 as partners, whereas MIDNIGHT version includes all other new partners added by this mod, as well as all other partners from rescue team and explorers (pikachu, eevee, machop, riolu, etc). Check the document included in the zip file for specifics and use whichever patch aligns your dream team best. Applies several quality of life patches that come bundled with skytemple - such as choosing confirming your hero choice after the quiz, exp share, move shortcuts, mass-appraisal of boxes and fairy gummies. A full list with credits can be found in the document included in the zip file. A copy of XDeltaUI has been included in the zip file for ease of patching. Instructions for patching the game can be found in the document included in the zip file. XDeltaUI might not work if you're on a mac - if not, I've been told this tool works instead: https://www.romhacking.net/utilities/746/ This is purely a starter modification hack - there are no story changes. Updates!
    Sobble is now available as a starter! 🎉 This means Skitty had to be removed as a hero unfortunately (but is still a partner) - if you'd like Skitty as a hero, be sure to download version 1.0.0 of this mod instead of the latest version. Sobble is also now available as a partner in MIDNIGHT version. For full list of heroes and partners, check the last two preview images for this hack.
    For those curious about what moves each newly added pokémon can learn, see the following imgur album: https://imgur.com/a/rhgykXk
    Updated the rescue team partners (Cubone, Psyduck, Machop) to use additional sprites and portraits created for the PMD Sprite Repository.
    Splashscreen credits for the artists have been swapped over to the title screen for readability and visibility.
    NEW 08/06/23: Litten now evolves into Incineroar - and Froakie evolves into Greninja (mid-stages aren't available yet). Now includes a version compatible with Melon, RetroArch and DraStic emulators. Fairy gummis can now be bought or received as mission rewards, and existing pokémon that learn moonblast and disarming voice in sun and moon now learn it here. (Accidentally said Dazzling Gleam in the txt and changelog, but this is what I meant!). Several other bugfixes and improvements included - check the changelog for details!
    NEW 15/06/23: The evolution flag for Litten and Froakie was erroneously still set to false in the previous update, but this is fixed as of 1.2.1, so be sure to update if you have either of those two. Despite doubts expressed in the changelog I can now confirm the update DOES work for existing save files!
    (Almost) All portraits and sprites are the work of artists contributing to the pmd sprite repository (each used is fully credited in a document as part of this download and on the loading splash-screen when booting up the game). Because work on the repository is ongoing, Grookey is unimplemented, as are evolutions for Chespin, Froakie, Litten, Sobble, Fuecoco, Spritgatito and Quaxly. Certain portraits may not show up in-game for the same reason. The Popplio portraits are an exception and aren't from the sprite repository - I made my own a while back and was too proud of them to not add them to this! A set of exclusive items have been added and set across all new pokémon (Enigma bow, brooch and scarf,  and ultima prism) - but I've not yet figured out how to modify the functionality of these yet so they're likely pretty useless as of now. Due to the size of the expanded starter list, all starters are sadly gender-locked. Check the document to verify what gender to select in the quiz in order to get your preferred hero. I've not ran into any issues so far with this, but feel free to message me here if you notice anything. I'm also contactable on tumblr (pyromaniac-cynadquil) and twitter (@acerikus). While I consider this mod complete enough to get a full version number, in the future I'd like to add extra starters, such as Axew and Charcadet, and may revisit that eventually! Sprite and portrait credits (Detailed fully in the .txt): NeroIntruder, Blanca, Emmuffin, Noivern, mucrush, Emboarger, NikolaP, baronessfaron, JFain, 0palite, FunnyKecleonMeme, XxWindpawxX, Nooga, Smalusion, XModxGodX, Waffluffe, Jhony-Rex, C_Pariah, FlarosOverfield, StarWolff#3620, lemongrass#9713, Reimu\_needs\_$$$, Anonymous, CamusZekeSirius, Audino, Caitemis, Fable, JkKU(Jenrikku), Ichor, felis_licht, ShyQuietRain, Garbage


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