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  1. I'm not sure if this has been asked and solved in the comments before, but there are just so many pages and drop-downs in comments that I would be searching forever. Have Battle Cds been reintroduced in version 1.20? I have a ton of them but the woman in the Battle Cd Corner in Realgam doesn't seem to acknowledge that, only asked if she can help me with anything before the text box closes. I just beat Gonzap, if it's a matter of being far enough in the game. If it's for a future update just let me know. Also, there's a bug I wanted to mention. I noticed when my Pinsir (which isn't the bug I want to mention) uses Circle Throw that if it causes an opponent to faint it doesn't reward Exp. This one I can recreate as many times as needed, so if video would help out just let me know and I can get a clip.
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