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  1. I'd like to report a bug (apologies if it's already been stated), and I couldn't seem to find anything about it. I'm playing through the game randomized (done using the XD tool), and the game freezes when I run into an enemy pokemon that has the ability Trickster. One of my starters has this ability and it doesn't cause any issues when I send it out, so I'm not exactly sure what's happening. I am playing using Nintendon't with my wii u, if that makes a difference. I will most likely go into the iso with the XD tool and change the pokemon that have the trickster ability to have something else. Thanks for all the work keeping this hack up to date! Other than this bug I'm loving the game. EDIT: I went ahead and removed the trickster ability from all pokemon. This didn't seem to be the issue as whenever I fought the same trainer that it would freeze on before, it froze yet again. I'm not sure what the issue is, but it seems unrelated to the trickster ability.
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