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  1. Windows 10. When I try and drag and drop I have a circle with a line through it.
  2. I will confirm I am copying the file I right click and copy I do close and reopen the pkhex. And then I make new sub folder and right click and paste. So I was playing with it and came across this when export and saving a new file different name it shows up in open can't drag and drop into program to open. But the file with a new name doesn't show up when I search for it is it hidden. Because I can find it when I open pkhex and click file and open.
  3. Ok how's this not even moving to my SD card I make a new folder where I save it gen the Pokemon then close reopen and the Pokemon are there after opening file cool not a problem yet. I copy and past into a new folder in same folder reopen Pokemon are now gone that's is AFTER I check the file in it's original save location the moment the file moves anywhere it looses all gen Pokemon.
  4. Ok tried using your method with a new SD card still same thing once transferred to sd card before putting into 3ds it loses all Pokemon I generated but before transfer if I check it it keeps all generated Pokemon. I am reopening it in the SD card on the PC.
  5. I'm using a Homebrew manager not sure how to o tell you what version it is did that like a year ago. I'm also using jksv to import export, and have already tried what your suggesting. When I do that it reconverts mymkain-copy back to the original main only after I transfer it back to the SD card. If I save it on PC and then reopen it with pkhex it still shows the modified file but the moment I transfer the copy back to the SD card it reverts and loses all the modifications. After transfer I open the copy with pkhex before even inserting SD card back into 3ds and notice that it just reverts back.
  6. I have tried both ways with the switch neither work. And formating the card wouldn't work I can still transfer a .cia onto it and install a game no problem.
  7. Hi I just started using pkhex I am able to load my save and make legit Pokemon. If I try to save to main file on sd card it says one of to thing depending on where the adaptor tab is, 1 files is write protected, 2 can't save this file here please choose another location. So I tried and save on my PC. File save Pokemon are there when I reopen it, but if I transfer it to sd card it transfers but reverts to original save even if it's a different name as though nothing was done to the save. Thank you for your time.
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