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  1. Ok so a while back i obtained 4 fully legit manaphy eggs in attempts to hunt for shiny manaphy. when i first got them they arent losing any steps between each transfer and everything was fine. recently some streamers i watch were doing a gen 4 full odds marathon and i thought id do a few manaphy resets during this marathon. to be safe i counted the steps to hatch the egg, but now they are starting to lose steps. i was told by putting them in the pc and withdrawing them it would reset the egg counter and i could continue trading them without losing steps. this ended up not working. do any of you guys know how i can fix this to where they dont lose steps between trades? thank you
  2. ok so i recently learned the trick where if you slather a tree after coming across a pokemon, theres a 90% chance the next pokemon to spawn will be from the same list (common,rare, or munclax) as the last pokemon that was on the tree. i was wondering if this trick also works even after the pokemon leaves the tree, or does it only work if you do it after catching/defeat the pokemon from the honeytree? thanks!
  3. i know this is kinda a dead topic but i learned some interesting info on the subject today. i was able to get in contact with the person who came across the shiny shadow skarmory that was shiny for gonzap and not him. he told me that as far as he can remember it was not shiny when he first batlled evice. so does that mean it can be shiny for the opponent during the first battle and during the rematch? or am i still missing something? sorry from bringing this thought to be ended topic. sorry again if this is redundant and the video explains this scenario as well and i glossed over it
  4. make sense, though you got to admit with all the hunts as of recent it is kinda odd no ones had this happen to them yet, dont ya think?
  5. so the common belief is that its possible for the shadow pokemon to be shiny for the opponent and not you, however with colo hunts becoming more popular in recent years and with no recent proof of this occuring, me and some fellow colosseum hunters are wondering if its actually true. i have yet to see anyone post anywhere of this happening, and the only 2 vids we have of this occuring on youtube are a bit suspicious. suspicious as in they record it happening during a rematch battle. that means it would have to had been shiny in the first match to( seems kinda odd that they would record the second one and not the first). can anyone here do some sort of check to see if it is in fact possible for shadow pokemon to be shiny for the opponent and not you? thanks
  6. oh dont worry i know the specifics, i already have 4 fully legit eggs. i plan to soft reset it naturally. RNG manip takes the fun out of the hunt imo. but thanks for the info. since the whole trade thing is an exploit i wasnt sure if that would make it fine or not
  7. can the pokemon rangers manaphy be transfered through pokebank if shiny. i plan to hunt it and hoping to bring it up with my collection. i saw a post a while back mentioning something about it but never saw a clear answer given. anyone know? thanks!
  8. no worries thanks a lot for replying so quickly. time to play through sapphire 100 times and transfer them over to my sapphire with the battery in tact
  9. alright so just to clarify, from your info it looks like you cant reset the generated number of a new day. so i cant just save the day before and soft reset over and over when its the next day correct? and thanks for checking!
  10. so im considering trying to find mirage island and shiny hunt for wynaut on there. through the internet i heard that when a new number is generated for mirage island on a new day it doesnt stay set untill you save that day. so you could essentially soft reset for a number matching the id of one of the pokemon in your party. before considering this can anyone tell me if this is true or not? just dont want to soft reset over and over only to find out that you cant soft reset the generated number. thanks!
  11. true, figured i check. i need to stop trying to find difficult hunt XD im stock full of them. thansk again
  12. bulbapedia says its not possible but i figured id ask here to see if you guys has anymore insight on the subject. is it possible for the trade pokemon or the gift mew in my pokemon ranch to be shiny? would be a cool shiny hunt thanks!
  13. i have a friend with a copy of the colosseum bonus disc and am considering shiny hunting jirachi, but ive been hearing mixed reviews on what is and isnt possible without the use of r4 or rng. i just want to know if its remotely possible to do so just by regular soft reseting of save files. and any ideas what my odds may be like? thanks!
  14. thanks for providing the info to back-up my statement kaphotics
  15. i know its been a while since anyone posted here but i needed to make a clarification on something. the shiny chances are re-rolled after capture not purification, meaning it can be shiny for you and not them. its will retain its shiny color even after purification. i can confirm since i have gotten a shiny shadow pokemon myself
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