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  1. Ready. Sent you a PM =posts merged, please don't double post= Thanks a ton man! You're a life saver. We'll do this again sometime
  2. I'll do them and Blastoise. I'll PM you when I'm back home and ready
  3. I'll be back home in 20 minutes. Is charizard and mewtwo available? If not, I'll take whatever you're offering
  4. Hey friends. Not sure how active this forum is but I'm looking for 3-6 high level pokemon. Doesn't matter which ones. Shiny or not. I just want to beat the pokemon league. If anyone can help, reply to the thread or PM me. I check the forum regularly. Thanks in advance
  5. I'm looking for any pokemon that can easily take out the pokemon league. Doesn't matter which ones. It's been 4 days and I'm stuck on the last person of the elite four. I've added you and I'm ready whenever. Just PM me and we'll get the ball rolling
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