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  1. Thank you for fixing the last couple of issues I reported. Here's a few more that I've found, if you're still interested: • Trainers: When editing the IV/EV/AV stats of trainer Pokémon, the changes often don't save. Sometimes I can get the stats to save if I don't edit any other properties of trainer Pokémon and actually don't click the save button before closing the window (just edit the stats for a single Pokémon then close the window without clicking the save button). • Trainers: If using the randomizer on trainers to only boost the levels of Pokémon, but not add or randomize any of the existing Pokémon, the program will still add two Pokémon to all encounters with Jessie and James (trainers 7, 8, 20, 21, 24, 25, 32, 33, 50 and 51). It also removes the Jolteon/Raichu from an encounter with the rival (trainers 30 and 31). • Trainers: When modifying trainers manually, if you select the "view" option on an Alolan Pokémon, the form value gets set to 0. So if you make any changes to that Pokémon and "set" it to save the changes, it gets changed to the non-Alolan variant of that Pokémon. • Pokémon: When modifying the Base EXP of Pokémon, the program will change the RandomGender value for most Pokémon. This value isn't visible within the program, but if you dump the tables before and after modifying, you can see the values have changed for the RandomGender column when comparing the two tables. This happens whether modifying the Base EXP manually or with the randomizer tool to scale the EXP for all Pokémon.
  2. There is an error with the program when trying to remove a wild spawn. If you try to change a wild spawn to the blank space at the top of the drop-down list it'll show a question mark as the icon for that slot. If you switch to a different location then back to that location the icon for that slot and all slots below it will change to a little red x and an "unhandled exception" error pops up. "Index was outside the bounds of the array."
  3. If you manually modify sky wild spawns for any area the program doesn't save the changes. It saves the changes for ground and water spawns, but not sky spawns. That's an issue with the 2.5 beta for SX OS. Download the 2.41 beta from their forums and it'll work fine.
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