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  1. Are there chances of adding new coaches in the game? About the new scripts, do you intend to continue the update in your tool?
  2. So my friend, Follow your guidance, I'm doing a coach and saved ... but when I close the program and return see see back everything .... very strange ... to doing one by one and sometimes not saving ... to having to do one and save and still close the program and so on ... this is the probrema I'm having. Attached, the two procedures being done to save an amendment ....
  3. Hello, it would be possible to add a button so that when editing the trainer on the part does not need to click save and close the editing screen, thus losing the sequential and having to return in the initial numbering. This process would be very effective in my view. Do you have a future update for your tool? Thank you.
  4. Hello again, Sorry for the posting however, I started using your program well and as I am creating a very difficult game mode I need to edit the coaches well and I am encountering the following error, I put 31 in all the statuses, I change the moves and I support this I go on other trainers do the whole procedure and to be sure I open the ones I edited again and it is saved, so far so good. I click on the "save" button and after that I also close the program ... when I open those 3 or 5 trainers that was edited only one or two that record the modifications .... Thank you again.
  5. Hello, One suggestion, would it be possible to implement a button when we click it would already leave the 6IVs status of the pokemon? Attached is two screen capture, where one is with random IVs and the other with the perfect 6IVs. I marked where the button could be placed.
  6. I have done the compilation, as shown in the attached image, but when I click on "Dump" nothing happens .....
  7. Friend, I have restudied all the appearances of wild pokemon and have some way to export them ?? I want to put excel in the modifications to pass the new places to friends. Thank you in advance.
  8. Hello, in item "4" I was referring to your pkNX program. did you add source code of the same, in which program was the pkNX made? He was referring to how you compacted the source code. Thank you again. There ... are you still expecting to upgrade in the pkNX tool? In item "3" I took print, what option do I modify here?
  9. Hello, I have some doubts to make that are: 1 - Where we edited the Special, Very rare special spawns .... as charmader, bulbassaur and those that stay in the sky after zera the game, charizard, dragonite and etc ...? 2 - The legendary pokemon meltan is possible additionalo to capture? 3 - Where it configures the overall experience rate, because to want to create mod hardcore and would like to reduce the experience. 4 - I saw that you provided the source code, what tool are you using to compress the files after the correction? I want to congratulate you for the excellent work, thank you!
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