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  1. See I had a similar issue at first. I solved it the first time by literally dragging and dropping the 9222...679.nca folder onto the pkNX window. Now it just works to target that folder via the path, but maybe you'll have some luck? As for other stuff, does anyone else get a frustrating issue with the trainer randomization where it flat out won't work? I just get an index out of bounds exception that appears to stem from the STAB array.
  2. I will say though, it forcing special battles to 6 Pokemon causes really... interesting stuff to happen with Double battles. As in, I hadn't modified my files yet from last build to take into account the fix for the bug, and I got into a fight with Jesse and James. They had, in total, 12 Pokemon. I guess Team Rocket really doesn't fight fair. (Probably a bug, seems to just be a side effect of the double battle combining the party of two trainers instead of being seen as one battle. Avoidable by just not having 6 in both.) And the HighPowered move thing still gave the same error, but at that point I think it's probably just me doing something wrong.
  3. At least for me, the folder is saved right alongside the romfs and exefs folders in my dump. Unrelated to that, I get an issue when I try to randomize trainers movesets to be High Power moves. There doesn't appear to actually be a file it's referring to, unless I'm misunderstanding the error. Just Learnset.cs and Learnset6.cs. It's not something I need to use, just thought I'd share the error. It's attached below since it's long and I didn't want a wall of text. Also it seems like trainers that have Expert AI ignore when ForceSpecialTeamCount is set to false. error.txt
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