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  1. I will say though, it forcing special battles to 6 Pokemon causes really... interesting stuff to happen with Double battles. As in, I hadn't modified my files yet from last build to take into account the fix for the bug, and I got into a fight with Jesse and James. They had, in total, 12 Pokemon. I guess Team Rocket really doesn't fight fair. (Probably a bug, seems to just be a side effect of the double battle combining the party of two trainers instead of being seen as one battle. Avoidable by just not having 6 in both.) And the HighPowered move thing still gave the same error, but at that point I think it's probably just me doing something wrong.
  2. At least for me, the folder is saved right alongside the romfs and exefs folders in my dump. Unrelated to that, I get an issue when I try to randomize trainers movesets to be High Power moves. There doesn't appear to actually be a file it's referring to, unless I'm misunderstanding the error. Just Learnset.cs and Learnset6.cs. It's not something I need to use, just thought I'd share the error. It's attached below since it's long and I didn't want a wall of text. Also it seems like trainers that have Expert AI ignore when ForceSpecialTeamCount is set to false. error.txt
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