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  1. good work and a great game, Ive been playing for over 50 hours now, but i'm realizing there is some overlap. these are: Shadow Bagon LV 20 is redundant with the Shadow Salamence LV 60 that you get later, and Shadow Marowak LV 36, is redundant with the Shadow Marowak again at LV 56. also, over 30 of the wild pokemon that you put in are ones who have Shadow counterparts or are in the same evolutionary chain. i counted 31, but i may have missed some. are these intentional overlap? I'm pretty sure the shadow pokemon overlap was accidental, but idk about the wild encounters. It's just really depressing to work at leveling up my Larvitar all the way to 50...and then just being handed a Tyranitar by the game. smh. lol For the next update, do you think you could at least put in a note about which pokemon are catchable as shadows and which are not in the Wild Pokemon section of the documentation plz? I've included a very patchwork modification to the list showing which wild pokemon are redundant and which are 'cleared'. XG Obtainable Pokemon List - Copy.txt
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