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  1. Turning them off did not fix the issue. It still freezes on the first turn of battle.
  2. There are not. Should they be?
  3. Just popped in to say that ever since downloading and playing patch 1.2.0 the game freezes whenever the first turn of any battle occurs. Played on Dolphin 5.0-9494, unsure if it has to do with settings or not.
  4. Hello there! I joined this site for the explicit purpose of saying how much I'm loving this hack you've made. Pokemon XD is one of my favorite games, and going through it again, trying to snag all the Shadow Pokemon, and forging through the increased difficulty is a lot of fun. I'm especially enjoying the different pokemon that I have at my disposal, and how it seems like each and every one of them are viable in their own way. And it just makes me excited to see what other Shadow Pokemon are in the game. That being said, I do have a complaint or two, I'm sorry to say. This specifically goes towards the AI and their decisions of choosing a move against me. Up until the end of the Shadow Pokemon lab, I felt like the AI did employ strategies and moves that would keep me on my toes, but afterwards, something seemed to changed. The AI began choosing one specific move and spamming it every turn, despite whether or not it would be useful. For a specific example, the move protect has shown up on a number of Pokemon, which admittedly isn't the problem. The problem is that if they have protect, 9 times out of 10, the enemy AI chooses to spam it every turn, despite the chance of it failing every successive turn. I've had a battle in the middle of Pyrite, battle square, where both enemy pokemon chose to spam protect, and nothing else, which forced the battle to go on for ten minutes longer, with me just trying to get a hit in, as I didn't have a pokemon with Feint. And that's my main issue with this AI pattern. If they have protect, it becomes a game of chance as to whether or not Protect will fail on the next turn or not, which just wastes my time and ends up not being a very fun battling experience. I'm not sure if it's intentional, but I'd rather the AI not choose to spam one move over and over again, especially if it's a move that just negates anything I do to it. This isn't the only time the AI has done this. In a battle during the Cipher Raid of ONBS, against the battle with a Shadow Torkoal, the AI had it use Shadow Burn repeatedly on a single pokemon, a Clefairy. Even after Clefairy was burned, it kept using it on Clefairy, not even choosing to use it's other shadow move. Apart from that, I've been having a lot of fun raising up the Pokemon here, despite the rather harsh level curved at MT. Battle. EDIT: I realize that I was playing version 1.0.7-4, rather than the most recent version that was released, so my 'complaints' might not even mean anything. That being said, I still am glad this is being so readily updated.
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