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  1. It was way more popular. It got double the votes, of all the romhacks combined.
  2. Sad to say, but it happened to me as well on Nintendont. Game version 1.2.0 freezes as soon as Metagross chooses a move. Note: I'm using a dump from my physical copy of the game. Version 1.1.8-3 ran flawlessly, I stopped at Citadark's entrance for unknown reasons. More bad news: This romhack and almost every other hack In the GBATemp 2018 Game of the Year (Romhacks/Fangames) contest got trounced hard by the Ni no Kuni DS English translation.
  3. I nominated this game for 2018 Game of the Year (Romhacks/Fangames) over at GBATemp, and it got in! It's up against some stiff competition, so let's support this game. (Without breaking any forum rules, that is...)
  4. I'm totally enjoying this mod so far, but I did encounter an oddity when I updated from 1.1.6 to 1.1.8-3. I was in the middle of training at Mt.Battle, and I sent out my Swellow. For some reason, it suddenly needed 12,000 Exp. to level up from Lv.23 to Lv.24. I had to use my Rare Candy on it, and it now levels up normally.
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