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  1. Make sure to have the latest version patched into the game which is 1.2.1-3. This version fixed the crash when using a move. Beldum was replaced with Zigzagoon as of version 1.1.8 I think.
  2. There is nothing wrong with the game. You just saw videos of an older version of the mod. Most likely 0.9.7 or the 1.0 version. I believe it was also stated a few times in this thread why Beldum was switched out with Zigzagoon. Also the first one you can catch in the unpatched game is Teddiursa means the patching definitely worked.
  3. I finally tested it out myself and it froze on both Dolphin and Nintendont. I tried to work around the tutorial battle, using a save of 1.1.8 and it still froze at the Chobin Battle. Really don't know what the issue is. May try a different patching tool.
  4. I also noticed that my Bagon has now Attract instead of Fire Fang
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