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  1. Apply the patch to a clean .iso. (so not an XG one, but an XD one) What I did was keep a clean iso in a separate folder and copy it each time there was a new patch and applied the patch to that copy. Of course ! Try to export your save first, in case someone would be able to help you out. Just click on "tools" then "Gamecube Memory Card Manager". Image in spoilers below! Really not sure if that will work, but maybe you could try to load a savestate? Would be interesting to know what would happen in that case. If you still wanna keep a regular save and not using save states, you can make a new file on v1.1.8, save, load state (if it works) and then the game should let you resave normally. Once again, if loading a state works... Really don't know how that stuff works since all I knew was that there were some differences in the saves because of the patches, never heard about incompatible saves because of it.
  2. I'm pretty sure it's Aerodactyl. And correct, Dratini is one too.
  3. I don't know either. Tried to check in the documentation, haven't seen it in there either.
  4. There's no Calm Mind TM in this version of the game. Dusclops can't learn the move currently. At the current moment no. But you can use an eviolite on Murkrow and any other pokemon that gets an evolution (not mega obviously) in later gens. You mean battle simulator? Bingo is in this game, battle simulator got removed temporarily though. You can get a Metang in the cave poke spot. Follow me isn't in this version of the game. Can't add moves, can only replace them. That's the only reason I can see as to why Follow me wouldn't be in this version. Don't know the reason why it had to be one of the better doubles moves though. A Tyranitar that you made evolve from a Larvitar will almost always be better than a Tyranitar you just caught (only wouldn't be if you only used rare candies to level him up and the second one has a better moveset / nature or better IVs).