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  1. Started a new game recently since i love this rom hack but i have one question. Is there any way to reduce EV of pokemon? I thought i remember doing it in past playthoughs but i could be wrong. @StarsMmd thanks again for making this rom hack its my favorite pokemon game to replay of all time.
  2. Hey i have a question for you @StarsMmd or anyone who can answer. I know that if i save after a pokespot alert pops up it doesnt change the pokemon that will appear but it will change the level and the nature. So can i shiny hunt by resetting like i can for nature or is it locked like the actual pokemon that appears?? Update: Well i did some research and in the base game apparently after the pokespot alert goes off the shiny value of the pokemon is locked so im guessing thats what happens in XG as well. I just wasted hours trying to soft reset for a shiny jumpluff lmaoo
  3. I havent played this rom hack in like 8 months and i decided to pick it up again recently and I LOVE the recent quality of life changes and bug fixes. Makes the game feel much smoother and more fun to play. The recent playthrough reminded me at just how well made this game was made. Now im curious and what changes you plan to make next. Whatever changes you make Stars im sure its gonna be amazing.
  4. Im pretty sure just use a metal coat on him like a item and it should evolve.
  5. Hey @StarsMmd, been playing through the game again on v1.6.1-2 and ive noticed a few odd things that i didnt see you mention on the upcoming v 1.8. First is im using a life orb on a pokemon and say i use a attacking move but i get flinched (like from fake out) i still take life orb damage. Also I know you said you fixed the poke snacks from pyrite town but the poke snacks i bought from there and also from phenac city dont work. When i sort the bag it seems like the game is reading them as a different item because it puts them near the top of the bag instead of the bottom. Also when i go to a poke spot it says i dont have any in my bag. And last thing i noticed is a very minor thing but after i get the snag machine from team snagem and i catch the shadow absol form mirror B, every time i try to reset to get a different ability/nature, the absol always has a impish nature. I resetted like 10 times but it was always impish. Again its not a huge deal but its just something i noticed. I know you work really hard on this game to fix all the minor things and i really appreciate what you do, i havent had this much fun playing pokemon in a looooong time. I cant wait for the next update to come out. Oh I actually have a quick question. I knew in later generations kings rock doesnt stack with moves that have flinch chance so is that also true in this game since its based on later generation games? Or can i use kings rock with moves like crunch and iron head to increase the chance of flinch? Thanks again for all the help and all the hard work you do.
  6. @StarsMmd The patch worked! Thank you so much for your help. With suicune caught I have caught all pokemon possible in the game including wild and shadow. Now i just need to finish the Orre Colloseum but the sixth challenge is causing me some issues tbh. But thank you again I really appreciate the patch. But unfortunately I just found out that the update changed my Zapdos' ability from drizzle to static, he was my plan to defeat the Orre Colloseum :(. But its ok though, now that you have enabled to see shadow pokemons nature before you open their heart I plan on starting over anyway and making a whole new team. You keep updating the game to make it better and it always makes me want to start a new game to experience it. Thanks for all the hard work keep it up!!
  7. I found groudon and as soon as I found him i bursted out laughing. And im currently playing on v1.1.6. Should I update to v1.1.6-2?
  8. If you really dont mind I would greatly appreciate if you could help me reset suicunes flag. Thanks you for answering my other questions. Also one last question (sorry its the last one I promise lol) where can groudon be located? I found the three dogs and kyogre and raquaza but not gorudon. I thought it would be where entei would be found on the S.S. Libra but its not there.
  9. Hello there!!! First off I want to say I absolutely love this game and I have enjoyed this hack game so much so thank you for doing this. But I do have a few questions that Im hoping either you or anyone else here could answer. First I am still playing on version 1.1.5 but I want to update to v1.1.6. If i download the new version would my current data be replaced? Second, I encountered the suicune bug on v1.1.5, i update would suicune come back to pheanac city after it "ran away"? And last question is what types does pure heart lower the power of? I cant find in the documentation about the ability. But again thank you so much for making this game I greatly appreciate any help.
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