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  1. Awesome, excited to try out the new patch! Enjoy your time in Africa!
  2. Hello again and I cannot stress how much fun this romhack is! It's been taking up a lot of my free time lately and I have no regrets I ran into a potential issue recently involving Surf and a teammate with Water Absorb. When I used Surf, the first thing that happened was that Lapras's ability triggered and it got some health back - then the attack was totally finished. The enemy team wasn't hit by Surf at all. I'm posting to see if this is a bug with the romhack or legitimate Pokemon XD behavior.
  3. I've been dealing with the same bug with 1.1.6, it looks like the store-bought pokesnacks are a different item in the bag (with the exact same name and description) and they're unable to be placed at Pokespots like the 10 that Duking gives you.
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