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  1. I tried this but there's no utility in the save editor that allows me to modify my coordinates/location:( Is it possible for you to quickly modify it to bring me back somewhere normal again?:x Edit: Attempted to see if i could use dolphin's cheat search tool to find the addresses for the mc's xyz coordinates but i realized i don't know what to look for cause i don't even know the current values@_@
  2. Ah yeah this fixed my issue actually. Now my primary issue is that I'm legitimately stuck in an endless void in the realgam tower and don't know if there's any way to get outT_T Admittedly it was definitely my fault for using a function of dolphin that had a warning of potential game breaking bugs^_^" but I just wish I could find some sorta code to get outta where i am cause right now i'm in an unplayable state outside of being able to run in this giant blue void;-;
  3. Does such a code exist?:o I was using the cpu clock override function in dolphin while playing the pokemon XG mod to speed the game up a bit, and it was all going fine and all, but then the game kind of spazzed out when i saved. Now i'm stuck in some blue void in realgam tower that i can't get out of and i wanna see if there's just some way to load my save in a new area or something otherwise i'm hardlocked for good:s
  4. I think I ran into some strange bug with the pokesnacks that i don't recall seeing in the bug list. I had one pokesnack left in a pokespot, so i just went to it, decremented it to 0(trying to take the pokesnack back), and then bought 10 more to place at a different location. But upon going to any other location, i could only put that one pokesnack in the pokespot, and the 10 i bought aren't being noticed at all. Selling and rebuying them didn't change anything either, they're in my inventory but can't be placed:s Edit: This happened right after i updated to the latest patch since 1.1.5, if that helps.
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