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  1. yes even before doing that. Did you come across any problems with Galarian Zapdos in the wild area after disabling the flag
  2. Um, Galarian Zapdos is still visible in the Wild Area even with the flag disabled. As for the Swords of Justice, Sonia doesn't seem to acknowledge the fact that you have captured all three once you've disabled the flags containing said legendaries.
  3. Okay I understand. But the "Highest" for the records have be reseted to zero
  4. I know this so sudden especially with the new PKhex version recently being released and all. But there is a problem with the trainer data with the adventure starting date being set to 1/1/2000 as well as the hall of fame once you've beaten it being set to that date too. Also with certain records on how many pokemon you've caught the most in one day being set to 0 plus other things along with it
  5. Hello guys, is there any way to easily edit your rank in the Battle Chateau, mainly to a Grand Duke/Duchess if you are having any trouble on naturally obtaining this through hard work.
  6. Whenever you edit Pokemon through the batch editor, and upon making those changes to the Pokemon for the Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee files, the Pokemon end up being marked as illegal, although this could be a glitch that should be fixed ASAP.
  7. Yes, but the tracking on it can really cause confusion because of this problem
  8. There is a this minor problem with the whole 'Adding number to caught Pokemon/Hatched eggs' in the Trainer Data section for any GEN 6+ sav file that needs to be dealt with. I mean whenever you move a Pokemon to a diffrent spot in a box or in your party, the number of caught Pokemon you have along with the ones you hatched from eggs if that Pokemon watch originally an egg increased by a specific number.
  9. You're not alone because I too am having this unexpected problem
  10. Hey there. I was wondering if it would be possible in any future update of PKhex to include this feature for the boxes in which you right click the on the Box tab and in the modify section instead of having all pokemon in the specific to be set to level 100, how about all set any pokemon to levels 1-100 even though you could already do that in the batch editor
  11. Upon opening up my save in the newer version that just came out, I noticed several problems with certain pokemon. For instance Florges was marked as not legal due to a lack of analysis in addition to able to learn moves that i can't learn by any means like having Harden as an egg move and Gourgeist because i'ts 'so called' egg moves are supposed to be Fairy Lock and Tackle when in reality it cannot learn those means by any means. However this only applies to XY/ORAS save files. Here's what i'm talking about open up this main file and see for yourself if you wish main
  12. Oh is that so? Well did you try and check the pokemon in your PC after editing their levels at the same time?
  13. I did just that after editing the levels. Why don't you test it out and see for yourself
  14. I did that. But when I opened the rom file upon having that finished, the levels in the box remained the same as if they were untouched or unedited
  15. Recently, while editing the levels my pokemon in my Gold save file, with PKHex's batch editor, the pokemon don't seem to be on the specific level that wanted them to be on. Is there anyway to fix this?
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