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  1. Haven't been able to play this game in months due to just how busy I've been, but I booted up again and am loving it just as I always did. Just out of curiosity, why on earth does an Alakazam in one of Mount Battle's later zones (I want to say it was Zone 10, but it could have been Zone 9, should have snapshot it or something) know Thunderbolt?! I mean, I'd love it if Alakazam could know Thunderbolt in the main-series game, because that'd be huge coverage-wise, but it's unconventional to say the least, and since my own Alakazam can't learn it, it just seems unfair, haha. Just a small thing, feel free to remove it or keep it as is based on your digression, but let's just say that after 7 generations of Pokemon experience, I really thought my Mantine would be safe against an Alakazam. XD
  2. Wow, I hadn't even thought about the fact that the different slots likely had different encounter rates, in that case, it would probably make more sense to replace 4 of the 1% Pokemon that still have previous evolution available like Seadra, Primape Quagsire and Golduck (but you seem to be pretty passionate about Golduck, so I suppose you can choose whatever makes sense, haha). Just an idea, but I'm sure whatever you chose to do will be fine. The fact that you're willing to put Mantine back in for me at all means a lot and is way more than I'd ever expect from a ROM hacker that's already doing as much work as you are. o_0 The Citidark Isle snags make far more sense now as well, thank you for the explanation! Thank you again for all your hard work on this amazing game!
  3. It feels so weird to have access to Skarmory and several shadow Pokemon variants of PokeSpot Pokemon but no Mantine... Do you think it'd be possible to replace Golduck with Mantine since Psyduck's already a thing? Having both stages take up the PokeSpot slots feels like a waste when I can't go full-on Pokemon Colosseum team nostalgia. While that's the only request I'm particularly passionate about (since you were able to catch Mantine in previous updates), I'm curious on your thoughts about possibly doing similar replacements for other evolution line slots, like replacing Tentacruel and Altaria for Volbeat and Illumise or Camerupt for Tyrogue. Whatever you decide to do will be fine, I was just very surprised that you were willing to cut Mantine out of the game completely rather than replacing a Pokemon like Octillary, who's already an obtainable Shadow Pokemon in addition to being catch-able in the cave.
  4. Hadn't noticed it in the documentation or change log, so I figured I'd go ahead and ask just in case- In Gen III, type-boosting hold items (Miracle Seed, Charcoal, Mystic Water, Spell Tag, etc.) only boost their respective moves by 10%- this boost was increased to 20% in Generation IV-onward. In XG, were they re-programmed to give a 20% boost like they do in current generations, or do they still only give a 10% boost? And just for clarification on some move/ability descriptions, does Rage Mode boost the power of all of the users moves by 30% or just its Shadow Moves? (I'm assuming the latter) I also imagine the Aura Booster boosts the power of Shadow Moves, not all of a Shadow Pokemon's moves like the description implies, correct? Also, this- This absolutely blows my mind. o_0 As someone who only really has experience working on GBA ROM hacks (with over a decade's worth of development tools making the it easier than ever) , I can't even imagine how much time and effort went into learning how to hack and re-program this game; you have my utmost respect @StarsMmd. PS. Since you've already programmed Deoxys-A in the game before, have you considered replacing a Pokemon like Sentret for Deoxys-Attack so that we don't lose it forever? That's easily one of my favorite forms, though Deoxys-Defense (AKA Deoxys-Uxie form) isn't necessarily bad (especially after you buffed its HP from 50 to 70, putting its defenses just under Registeel range rather than being literally almost identical to those of Uxie). Since you don't have Hypno either, maybe you can consider replacing Drowzee w/Deoxys-Speed form as well, since I'm pretty sure the 3D models of all 4 forms are in the game thanks to its compatibility with all 5 Gen III GBA games. Just some food for thought. : ) Also just noticed, RIP Mantine as an obtainable Pokemon. >_<
  5. Cool, thank you for your answers! Anything to note regarding Gen III Vs. Gen IV+ spread damage?
  6. I have searched high and low, on every single page of this forum, through all of the documentation, and via Google, and for the life of me, I cannot find the evolution guide for this game. I saw that Scyther evolved into Scizor via level-up when Stars mentioned it in a reply several months ago, but I have no idea how to evolve Poliwhirl into Politoed (or if I even can evolve Poliwhirl into Politoed), how to evolve Slowpoke into Slowking, if/how Clampearl evolves in this game (assuming there's ever a means of randomizing this game), or what level Haunter, Kadabra, Graveler, Machoke, Onix, Seadra, or Porygon evolve into their respective "Trade Evolution" forms. Did I simply miss a document/post that outlined these things? I'm compiling a table of renewable Pokemon in this game and at the very least, I need to know if Pokemon like Politoed and Slowking can be obtained via PokeSpot evolution or if those branch evolutions simply aren't possible, in which case the Shadow Politoed and Shadow Slowking become far more valuable (and in turn, their Natures and IVs become far more important). On a side note, I find it quite interesting that Jynx, the only Ice/Psychic type in the game, was changed to Ice/Fairy despite Alolan Ninetails being in the game. Granted, it does have some niches in the form of Lovely Kiss, higher overall Speed and Special Attack, and the ability to not summon a hailstorm upon entry and thus generally allow better team-building synergy among a wider pool of potential teammates. And design-wise, I could definitely buy it being a Fairy type if I didn't know any better. I don't necessarily dislike the change, but I do admittedly miss its unique Psychic/Ice typing, along with its STAB Psychic moves and lack of x4 weaknesses. That being said, I can't deny that its new Fairy typing does some pretty cool things for it as well. @StarsMmd If you're ever up for it, I'd love to hear your thought process behind the typing-change, as I'm sure it would allow me to both better understand and appreciate it. (and thank you for your patience with me, because I know I've kind of been sending you a barrage of trivial questions as of late) PS. In Generation III, spread damage moves in double battles are programmed to only do 2/3 of their normal damage, rounded down. This was changed to 3/4 damage in Generation IV-onward (basically 66% spread damage vs. the 75% spread damage). For example, Earthquake is base 66 w/o STAB and Dazzling Gleam base 52 w/o STAB, whereas they'd be base 75 and base 60 respectively in Sun & Moon Doubles. This also calculates to make spread STAB moves have their non-STAB base power (STAB EQ is base 100, for example) rather than being slightly higher (base 112). Did you chose to update the spread-damage mechanic to Gen IV+ base power or keep it at the Gen III base power? You mentioned moves like Shadow Quake and Shadow Storm already being borderline broken, so I can't help but wonder if that fact alone makes the Gen III spread-damage calculation more balanced than the modern one.
  7. Tyranitar can't learn Flamethrower. This made me beyond sad since I'd designed my team specifically with that in mind and was the whole reason I was running a Naughty Nature over Adamant. Small nitpick I know, but it's just so incredibly sad. Could you perhaps find it in your heart to allow Tyranitar to breath fire once again at some point in the future? My T-Rex just isn't the same without being able to reliably nail things like Skarmory, Scizor and Foretress on the Special Side like it could since Crystal Version. If not, that's okay, I still greatly appreciate the hack. (melodramatic post aside, you really should consider adding it to its movepool at some point in the future. ) You should also consider replacing Feint with something like Follow Me since it sounds like you've removed Protect from virtually all NPC Pokemon, effectively making the move an inferior Quick Attack and virtually useless.
  8. @StarsMmd Wow, I can't express my gratitude for how much effort you put into making one of my absolute favorite childhood games as amazing as you did- I may not have mentioned it in my first post, but this is seriously the type of ROM hack I desired for years that I never thought would actually come to fruition- thank you again! Additionally, I greatly appreciate the time and effort you take to respond to people's comments on here- most ROM hack threads I see lose creator involvement after a few months, so I'm pleasantly surprised to see that you're still working to make this hack even better despite how much work you've already put into it! Thank you for letting me know which Pokemon have been removed- I've removed them from my table. Were this game not specifically designed to team build exclusively for double-battles, I'd say making the Colosseums single battles is pretty cool, but since I often use them to both train and grind for money, a lot of my Pokemon are kind of garbage in single-battle format; Orre Colosseum in particular being the "Competitive Pokemon"/Battle Tower-esk Colosseum doesn't make much sense as a Single Battle Colosseum since you're spending the entire game refining a team specifically designed for Doubles. I'd like Realgam to stay Singles though; the point of Realgam is that it's an escape from the main game and offers things like Battle Bingo and Battle CDs to break from the game's monotony, so offering single battles there certainly helps it fulfill that role of being unique, especially while you're still working on Bingo and the CDs. Finally, I meant to ask this question quite a while ago but forgot to do so- is there any way to lower EVs in this game? Such as EV-lowering berries or an EV-resetting NPC? I find myself uncomfortable using non-renewable Pokemon in this game (virtually anything that can't be caught at a PokeSpot) or using my Shadow Pokemon after purification (because I'm pretty sure shadow Pokemon don't accumilate EVs, just experience points, but please correct me if I'm wrong) because I don't want to mess up their EV spreads, especially if they have good natures. In fact, I generally only use Shadow Pokemon if their natures are garbage because I don't care about their EV spreads at that point. Otherwise, my team generally consists of poor-natured PokeSpot encounters, which still makes for an entertaining gameplay experience, but there are some awesome Pokemon I'd like to use without the fear of accidentally making them nearly unusable for something like the Orre Colosseum down the road. There's more I could say about potential mechanical errors, but this post is already running quite long and they're all pretty minor. Let me know if you'd like me to compile a log of potential errors I find when playing through the most recent patch and I can send you a word document outlining them if you'd like; if not, I simply appreciate you giving us such an amazing game!
  9. Thank you so much! I compiled all of the base stats of the fully-evolved Pokemon and some significant NFEs and noticed that both Hypno and Furret don't have any base stats or move tables- are they not programmed into the game?
  10. Absolutely loving this game so far! I'm not seeing anywhere else to post programming errors, and this forum is quite large, so I'm sorry if these things have already been said, but I do have some things to note in case they haven't: 1.) Shadow Gift is outright broken; it's supposed to give +1 defenses to the Pokemon it swaps to, but instead, after swapping, it gives the error "But (insert Pokemon here) doesn't have any PP left to use this move!" This is the case for both normal and shadow Pokemon that swap in after using Shadow Gift, and I have yet to find a way to get the move to do what it's supposed to do. 2.) Whirlpool only does 1/16 damage at the end of every turn despite many moves (such as Shadow Sky) being buffed to the Gen VI+ 1/8 damage at the end of each turn. I haven't tested things like Wrap and Fire Spin yet, so I'm not sure if these moves are still at 1/16 as well or if they've been buffed to 1/8 3.) Granted, this one is less of an error and more of a potential oversight, but Combusken is unable to learn Thunderpunch via Move Tutor despite it being able to learn it from move tutors since Emerald Version. Was this simply done for balancing or was it just not programmed into its move-tutor compatibility? Is Blazeken at least able to learn it via move tutor? Another thing I haven't been able to find yet when researching this game online- does this game use Generation III base stats (example: Macargo 50 HP 50 ATK 120 DEF 80 SPA 80 SpDEF 30 SPE) or have all Pokemon been buffed to their Generation VII base stats (example: Macargo 60 HP 50 ATK 120 DEF 90 SPA 80 SpDEF 30 SPE)? Or have they perhaps just been buffed to their Generation VI base stats? This would be great to know for team-building purposes. Regardless of whether or not you get around to answering these questions, thank you so much for creating such an amazing hack of one of my favorite games!
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