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  1. I don't think this exists. If it did, I would think that you would hear about it more. I'm having horrible luck myself, 3700 for Rookidee across two consoles, one hacked and one not, so I think you just have bad luck. Edit: I think the odds aren’t 1/683, I think the shiny chances are coded incorrectly because of this tweet: but I don’t have the game’s code, nor would I be able to understand it. I would just switch to Masuda method
  2. When my brother was younger, he had Ruby and must have used some GameShark codes, and now it is always sunny in the Sootopolis region. Groudon is not in the Cave of Origin, and all gyms are beaten, and it is possible to fight the E4. How would I be able to fix this, with pkhex, or hex editing? The dumped save file is attached. POKEMON_RUBY_AXVE00.sav
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