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  1. Do you think that 3ds pokemon that are not in the galar pokedex could never be transferred? Maybe there is an update or leave the rest for the remakes or the 3 edition ...
  2. dji

    castform illegal

    that's right
  3. dji

    castform illegal

    why illegal?
  4. dji

    Questions about Aurora Ticket

    ohh ok thanks
  5. dji

    Questions about Aurora Ticket

    if you have an emerald in Spanish and you go to France for example and they give you the ori-ticket the mysterious card you get in French or Spanish?
  6. Hello I wanted to ask you a question, could the ori ticket be obtained in Spain in Emerald? is that according to the wikidex says that at that time was only for fire red and green leaf
  7. but according to I think this page is the only one to get those celebi therefore if they do not have the perfect ivs is that at the moment you can not get no?
  8. if I understand you can not transfer a celebi from the Japanese version to the Spanish one, no?
  9. @theSLAYERbecause I wanted to have a celebration with perfect ivs less in attack if possible and I would like to know if you can .. I mean the one in europe I do not think since there are only 1 but as for n and I do not see any with perfect ivs
  10. What generations had a regional blockade? for example the 2 if a Japanese wanted to pass a celebi from their Japanese version to mine which is Spanish
  11. @theSLAYERI speak of the 2 generation, of the celeb tour (Europe) and the one of NY (New York)
  12. I have a doubt regarding the event pokemon ... does it mean that I will never celebrate perfect ivs?
  13. ahh it's ok and if I play it now, thanks for answering
  14. @theSLAYERand what is the difference?
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