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  1. i dont get it. a gen 3 pokemon in a gen 4 ball? nvm, checked and saw dive ball was in gen 3
  2. those cant have HA cuz those are the first [pokemon you get. to get the HA you need to breed
  3. 2 tthings 1. How did you makebthrm gen 6/7 sprite for it? 2. Why is OT N? Thought it was the OT of receiver?
  4. i just dont know how all those programms work. and sadly i cant even use them. whats with crabrawler then?
  5. yeah cuz of that lock ppl said mine was hacked so decided not to share anymore cuz all i got was hate comments
  6. sorry. learn english that way and isnt my main language. what i mean is, that i got this in november already when the movie and game came out. was just being stupid and went for a softreset to get shoiny. didnt take long though, just an hour.
  7. i got this way back in novenber already. how can you find it 4 months later?
  8. Version 1.0.0


    korean kegends and dialga
  9. @Cloud9Skywalker who you trying to learn it to? and if you can send the file i can check cuz idk if that other guy can cuz hes banned i think
  10. i know. those are already posted here but made a map so someone just could give them to me. check date also.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    dialga palkia and celebi
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