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  1. I can't wait for the day for you to introduce Gen IV pokemon on XG. The reaction to seeing Electivire or Gallade fighting against Cipher Adams will make people go crazy.
  2. Hey StarsMmd, something's wrong with the newest update. Did you happen to confuse Version 1.16 with 1.18 when you fixed the bugs for the latter? The reason I'm asking is because the moment I update to the newest one, I suddenly notice that all my Ability Capsules got turned into Wise Glasses? When I rushed over to Mt. Battle, I notice that the Ability Capsules and a few other TMs got removed?
  3. Very glad that an Ability Capsule will be released in a future update. This is a godsend; every time I edit a pokemon's state on that Gamecube Save Editor, it ALWAYS changes the special ability, even if I'm not touching that pokemon at all. This is a reason why I couldn't use many of the pokemon since their abilities constantly change. How will we obtain the Capsule? Can it be purchased from a store? Can we use it as many times as we want?
  4. I'm enjoying Version 1.07 and glad to see Aurora Veil and some other things fixed. However, I'm encountering some problems like many people are stating such as the Cave Spot Pokemon not showing on the battle screen, several bugs with moves, and issues with Duking's trade. Also, are you going to create a save editor for XG? I'm using PkmnGC tools for mine but every time I use it, some Pokemon like Electabuzz and Sableye, their special ability always change to Static and Prankster. Even I only just change the nature, it still changes their ability which frustrates me.
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