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  1. Well, I have 2 games, a single DS, and I need to trade some (hacked) eggs. So, I'd be very thankful if somebody could help me to trade forth and back, and I'd hand out a legit Feebas. Just, don't switch the eggs arround, it'd be noticeable, trust me... In any case: First FC: 3266 4675 5194 Second FC: 1591 4148 3281 Thanks for your time.
  2. I think I need the game ID to get the code accepted, but thanks anyway. Oh, and the code in the second line reads B2101D40
  3. And, more importantly, as I will only edit puntual things and use AR codes instead of editing a .sav, would, say, the codes generated by the English PokeSav work with the Spanish version of Platinum? I guess it'd work, as both versions are compatible, but I am not sure. Anyway, thanks.
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