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  1. Yeah they showed up with your new versions, thanks!
  2. Removing the save with JKSM and importing the regular save seemed to work, thanks everyone for replying <3
  3. havent gotten rosalina to work yet, so for now ill stick with the regular ;p
  4. I've never seen the delete secure value option, been looking for it though
  5. Just removing saves ingame or manually somewhere? And if the latter, where would I do this?
  6. Without creating a new save? No, havent tried that yet, thanks for the suggestion, Ill try. Its about regular Moon.
  7. I tried this, however, PkHex CAN read it, but the save is still corrupted.
  8. I tried deleting my save using the maingame and then injecting an older backup. JKSV is not giving me that option. I'm not sure what the difference would be, but I could try, is it because I'm using an outdated version of JKSV or something?
  9. Hey there, after uh editing some minor things in my Pokémon Moon save file, just moves on one of my Pokémon, and my save data got corrupted.I have edited my save before, but nothing got corruptedI can still open it in PkHex and I can still create a new save.Things I've tried that didnt work;-Exporting and reimporting my save-Restarting my game and then importing my save-Using a working backupHelp would be appreciated, thanks in advance!I added in my save file in case anyone wants to take a look or see if it isnt corrupted for them, if it isnt, please still supply advice on what to do. main
  10. That's sad, I'd like to have one. After all the research there's been done, though, I assume someone is in possession of at least some form of tool... Dangit, why is this so hard. We just need to find someone interested enough to continue this.
  11. I've looked around for a bit, but couldn't find anything, except for a lot of research done, even though I'm not that experienced with the code of these games, I can see that a lot has been figured out and probably made editable. My question is, does anyone know or have a tool used to edit psmd saves because, I'd really like that, I've completed the game and are just looking to mess around with it now. Any response, either positive or negative, is appreciated, thanks in advance! ~Glaze
  12. Yes, it never synced with DS. Which seemed to be the problem, so I searched online for a save file from someone who did sync it to DS before, since this is a though task and would probably require me to insert my DS hardware into my PC, if even possible at all, and went ham on editing that instead, importing the pkm files from my old, fresh save. Thanks for the reply and help, it works now!
  13. I've been trying to edit my new, fresh, PBR save file. I found the save file in my Dolphin folder, its a PBRsavedata file, editing went just as planned, but now how do I import it? PBR doesnt seem to show up on my memory card, neither does Dolphin seem to want to reimport the file it exported itself... How do I import this file or convert it into a format that is importable? Thanks in advance! Extra notes: -The game runs properly -The old save can succesfully load, I overwrote it in the dolphin folder, but it doesnt seem to want to import it. Edit: I figured out it DOES correctly load my save, I just can't access my storage. Why is this? How do I fix it?
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