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Pokemon Battle Revolution save importing


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I've been trying to edit my new, fresh, PBR save file.

I found the save file in my Dolphin folder, its a PBRsavedata file, editing went just as planned, but now how do I import it? PBR doesnt seem to show up on my memory card, neither does Dolphin seem to want to reimport the file it exported itself...

How do I import this file or convert it into a format that is importable?


Thanks in advance!


Extra notes:

-The game runs properly

-The old save can succesfully load, I overwrote it in the dolphin folder, but it doesnt seem to want to import it. 


Edit: I figured out it DOES correctly load my save, I just can't access my storage. Why is this? How do I fix it?

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Yes, it never synced with DS. Which seemed to be the problem, so I searched online for a save file from someone who did sync it to DS before, since this is a though task and would probably require me to insert my DS hardware into my PC, if even possible at all, and went ham on editing that instead, importing the pkm files from my old, fresh save. 


Thanks for the reply and help, it works now!

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On 10/31/2017 at 1:47 PM, Akunoko said:

Just one question: your new fresh save from dolphin and never synced with DS?

If yes, you need to set TID+SID manually for allow access to storage and custom passes.

Could you please explain what you mean with this? I have a new clean savefile and no acess to storage and custom pass. How do i know which TID+SID i need to choose to activate it? Or could someone create me a blank german savefile with my name and access to storage and custom pass?

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