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  1. I was wondering if the Wild legends such as entei only appear in postgame?
  2. I just caught a scyther and want to know could I get scizor without trade?
  3. so i just patched a normal rom of xd to XG and instead of a beldum in my party i got a zizagoon?
  4. Grip i would have done that if it worked with mac but its an .exe file which is not compatible with mac.
  5. so due to some circumstances i have a mac now...so im trying to patch the XD.iso with 1.07.2 and its says patch file cannot be opened. i am using multipatcher. do you know what i am doing wrong of if their is another patcher for OS x?
  6. i just leveled him up again and hes fine now...took an abnormal amount for his lvl tho 5k exp for a lvl 25
  7. so i patched my game my old file was on version .96 and im on 1.04 now. i checked my mons and my metangs exp bar was beyond the limit is there a way to fix this?.
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