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  1. I think something's gone wrong with Chaser Tyler's Alakazam in Duel Square. I got way too much experience and my Salamence gained 5 and a half levels at Lv. 66 from a Lv. 60 Pokemon. I don't know if that Alakazam was bugged or if it's a greater issue, but it happened right after I updated to 1.1.8-3.
  2. I've noticed something strange about Rocky Helmet. When you put a Pokemon to sleep, sometimes they take Rocky Helmet damage anyway, which I learned the hard way when trying to catch Shadows. Is it because that Pokemon targets the holder while asleep even when they don't actually attack and take damage?
  3. Also, does anyone know where the rest of the Shadow Machines are? I'm already at the end of Citadark Isle and I still only have the SM for Shadow Rush.
  4. In the same vein as Dusclops, I noticed Gengar can't learn Energy Ball either. I swear I'm not finding these intentionally.
  5. Why can't Dusclops learn the TM for Earthquake?
  6. I patched my v1.1.6 to v1.1.6-2 and the Pyrite Town Poke Snacks are still broken for me.
  7. When you reach Stars at the end of Orre Colosseum and you get absolutely roasted....
  8. Never mind. I completely forgot about the Agate Move Tutor, but you should probably make the list anyway.
  9. Could you make a list on the obtainable TMs? I've been trying to find the TM for Protect and it isn't at Realgam Tower or Pyrite Colosseum.
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