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  1. My friends and I are all playing the exact same game off dolphin/nintendont, but while I was able to play off dolphin, only 1/3 of my friends were able to play off nintendont... literally don't know what the issue is with the first battle and freezing, looked into the files to try and skip that battle but its also not possible
  2. Once you beat the game, go to the bottom of the Phenac Pokemon Center, you'll need a gamecube -> gameboy adapter in order for the trade to work though.
  3. I'm not sure how to edit models so I'd need to do texture replacement through dolphin to check, but you think if I could get it looking decently good it could help its chances of being in? It'd be such a nice thing to have alongside the nintetails
  4. Any news on possible getting Alolan Sandslash in?
  5. Alolan Sandslash would be cool to have alongside ninetails, and maybe have marowak moved to another battle?
  6. Question, I'd love to get into modding Colosseum / XD, but I've got no clue where to start (I've used the randomizer / played GoD) but I do want to get into more editing, moreso editing how the game looks itself, what tools do you use for general hacking, for whichever is easier or both

    1. StarsMmd


      I'm working on releasing hack tools right now. I posted a link to the first release on twitter but it only edits stats and a few patches like fixing the shiny glitch and adding the physical special split. I'll be posting it on project pokemon in a day or two once I finish adding a bit more. I'll be updating it over time until it can edit just about everything. I also have a bunch of code (in swift) which can already edit almost anything, it just doesn't have any kind of UI so it requires programming skills. 

      They're both for macs only though. Windows isn't really my forte. If you don't have a mac you can look into getting a virtual machine or somewhere you can borrow a public one like a library or something.

      It's also possible to do manual hex editing but it's rather tedious :-)

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