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  1. Do they check all of your pokemons once you Sync even the ones in boxes or only pokemons you participate with in ranked battles? sorry for the dumb questions, im new to this xD
  2. After reading many articles and topics about GameSync and hack check im curious. does hack check prevent hacked pokemons from playing only or they ban you once they know its hacked? and how do they know if you edited your save file? is it after connecting to GameSync only cuz there's a log when you between time to time? and what kind of hacking are we talking about here is it changing natures and iv's or something bigger? saw many videos on YouTube people playing against hackers using unlimited z-Power. this whole process of hack checking made me wondering how and when exactly are they knowing you're hacking.
  3. Have you or know anyone got banned for using PkHex by any means?
  4. Hi, before moving all my pokemons from Sun to Ultra Sun using pokebank, all my pokemons were completely Legal. now with the new PkHex update when i opened my Ultra Sun save file i noticed some flags on certain pokemons which doesn't make any sence. First flag says Invalid: Should have at least 2 IVs = 31. Another flag says Invalid: Can't have ball for encounter type which is a normal PokeBall. anyone knows why i got these 2 flags?
  5. so they got fixed IV's? didn't know that thx for the info
  6. I did try to copy a fully legal pokemon pid, iv, gender and ability like mewtwo to my entei and still gave the flag. can there be something else causing this problem? i did try different data on different pokemons and all worked without problems except this pokemon so i don't think the problem is with the data.
  7. One more thing to add is i tried to copy the PID,nature and IV's of some wild pokemons and gave it to my Entei and still gave me the flag (Encounter type PID mismatch). not sure where's the problem.
  8. Hi everyone, i have a question about the legality check in PkHex which is i think not that accurate. I've been playing pokemon Firered version, beat the game and caught all legendary pokemons then i used PkHex to change some moves on my pokemons, i noticed that PkHex gives me a flag that my Entei is not legal and says Encounter type PID mismatch which doesn't make any sence because i didn't change anything on my pokemon except some moves. i know that from Gen 3 to 4 PID is linked to nature and Iv's. I tried different solutions such as RNG reporter and PID Finder in PokeGen and it still give me the same flag about PID mismatch. is it possible that it gives me the flag because the pokemon was caught in random grass or is it a bug? i remember in pokemon OR and AS you get the flag about misplace encounter for Castform since you get it from a person as a reward. is it the same thing with Firered. Small notice: i tried RNG reporter and PokeGen PID Finder on other pokemons such as mewtwo and had no problems with legality check except for legendary dogs.
  9. Hey Slayer, what do you mean by drag them into your box? cuz i want to collect all pikachu's by using pkhex as well.
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