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  1. Sorry I forgot about that. Since it has Morning Sun it has to come from Route 34.

    You can't trade it to me already hatched?

    For Lapras you can use a Dive Ball instead.

    If you want I can edit the post after this minor issues.

    You mean the Day-Care Couple, right?

    I can, but you said "Egg (Yes or No): yes", so... typo?

    All right. Much better... I already have the others made, I just need to get those two.

    I am reposting both of the other requests that have not been made, and I placed them in the edited form that you requested

    This contains all of my requests. I hope that this helps.


    Yeah, it's a lot easier to look at now that there's less words. Now. I have some of these finished.

    This one is for Lucario, Typhlosion, Squirtle, and Smeargle. Press Select. Box 2, Slots 1-4. For Soul Silver. Everything worked out all right for these guys.

    94000130 FFFB0000

    B2111880 00000000

    E0010710 00000088

    70006416 81720000

    849F3614 769DF292

    4350ED6F C418FCA5

    B5721B23 434B47B6

    483D0554 032B5B88

    5384E696 746A9B36

    0E89C7CE E68605C9

    E2B66DEB 3AE34FD4

    CE75F05C 500391AE

    A7DA9F22 05D67667

    95DCE3A6 271210B1

    4FC58231 6FB2DB34

    C6FD5937 BCB1B25A

    023E093E B84A3B0A

    1287A759 412E496A

    9B7158F3 141FA16C

    A954C547 7B9D0DA3

    E0010798 00000088

    EA880544 91900000

    7E935165 2066A3BA

    DC825EF1 020A7335

    80AD9B62 F4096CEC

    560104D9 7AE7A1B0

    6B17A6EE 20E97262

    C3B12248 9AE842B8

    E77DE08E 5DF69900

    A654675F 80CCE68A

    AE5E3EDE 7D37C1EC

    51D10296 7E3967EF

    6C274954 AA66AF81

    F8A33BAB CD1224F0

    B3F3A8FD EF3B4731

    4434212D E3F442C9

    09082A79 5C3F4227

    735F58FF 563DA7ED

    E0010820 00000088

    B1C66E0D FA8B0000

    63AE5E7D C663E1D4

    E6A6FE23 F13A08CC

    7DE6DBAC 7BA03201

    47ECD4DB 67190422

    BBB749CB A6AC1935

    16927BD3 1C2AD92B

    83468EBC BA158934

    C8CB42A4 AF348D31

    0DBAF667 BA432F14

    6A13C584 44DB1C7A

    5766ED8F 10598E66

    ED052D90 A7342DA7

    C8DFB8F1 79988283

    E880D212 84F772B3

    080AA557 A0C9D1E5

    4BC2CCBF 33C2E249

    E00108A8 00000088

    184E6AF9 91700000

    2B52181B 03D2C000

    9EF8FFEC 044FCB1F

    9720992A 58A610E9

    8DA56CA2 8C622D6E

    E3923453 4A3A6273

    5558317E 04DE9618

    812B12C7 E2B40CCC

    2614974C 1AEF00D9

    72640A71 14270B33

    FC3707AF 99CE1EF1

    1D6219F8 FEC39007

    E9FB1286 FAFB5A67

    C514F736 D5826D2D

    84A05813 761CA2A7

    12094698 CFF9213F

    FAFD1D4F 96FDF14D

    D2000000 00000000

    The three Crown beasts. Select. Box 2, Slots 5-7. For Soul Silver. No problems here, either.

    94000130 FFFB0000

    B2111880 00000000

    E0010930 00000088

    27A055B8 E9390000

    3EEE227D 70F74714

    9AED4C3C A157E972

    FE882293 F9E2CCF1

    7FA13DD0 1325B586

    5D1DBF9F 7202EE14

    837D489A 89A68EAC

    7D09EE83 E3EE3143

    98D56C64 0B1554A5

    24FA3DB8 5849840C

    2A662416 13320C89

    53BD586F F09E6857

    BE4F98A2 3B767E11

    296F832F 0ECD548C

    13B18F68 259A76AE


    A128FC94 603E43FC

    E00109B8 00000088

    4627A80C EEB80000

    F93AA381 A6738A65

    02F55880 15C4FF01

    2B74F1EC 52AA1610

    92536D96 BC7D9654

    F5C0FB49 A8C2027B

    7FA25F20 0FFBB83C

    C65405C9 BEE9864A

    83F4C8D5 FD481BA8

    E089585A BDE6B4FA

    4A7312DB 9FE48BFA


    A2B241AB 6613FF39

    7BD08CE2 9FCD8338

    DFF935E7 48A91D91

    8A7635B5 1F6F95C7

    A384EC14 E7AF0882

    E0010A40 00000088

    05E6F8B8 2F5D0000

    78734D10 DBC01593

    B2003BE3 5893239D

    0BD6B2CE EB37B681

    1B01F737 DCF429B2

    59853562 63FB6071

    ACD2D1EB 80C826FC

    5B57FC4C 4804D89E

    45D1BC29 22AA085B

    3B56E981 53AD5488

    F80EFC97 C875FFE8

    965ED2BF 8ADE98ED

    1F5141CE 738847AE

    F89C25F5 AC7CF264

    BFE82021 7DC0D7A5

    D9DC9089 FE527E86

    C48AE14F AFF2D60D

    D2000000 00000000

    And Webster's Spearow, Satoshi Pikachu, Pichu, and the other Pikachu. Select, Box 2, Slots 8-11. Soul Silver.

    Problematic request here. Spiky-Ears, as far as I know, can't be shiny... maybe it can, I don't know. The Pikachu can't know both Surf and Fly, but... meh. Made it shiny, since it's already hacked.

    Also, I had no clue what you meant with the "COMBINE THE ELECTRIC TYPE WITH EITHER SURF OR FLY" thing, so I just threw something in... please post the exact nick next time, even if you have to look it up. I'm no good at guessing.

    94000130 FFFB0000

    B2111880 00000000

    E0010AC8 00000088

    00006B5E 18C90000

    F9573C1B B0B4FD32

    E30DB1E9 68FABF21

    5550F8F2 6A678FCD

    01132B84 AA57D539

    B03E2809 34FD0D5D

    48638729 1E0C74D6

    CB8246AE 48E56B80

    CA197FB1 B64351F2

    7365BC6F D32A9F82

    C5B0F615 35231512

    D6048B46 F19277C2

    4C2611F1 BCEEC111

    4CEC72B6 0D022AF1

    9320E71C 6A316472

    B8EA8613 199607D7

    63767617 6A18DD4A

    E0010B50 00000088

    2CE6C9D6 C21C0000

    6C337979 D94EA95B

    F66F735B B8C8ED7B

    9FEB3AF4 7AE495BC

    501A756F 870ACC3D

    DB675787 2F7B8DBF

    93FE2453 EEF8FDB8


    7EBEF857 41BDCA58

    B5FFC758 45D43723

    7A10D179 08E1D725

    D6391AA2 4C576F9D

    4B2091C9 027AF87D

    35AC52C2 57B8B6DB

    22D4BBB6 2A75D9AD

    E0B9B8C6 EF5B1594

    F383F19A FE22FE73

    E0010BD8 00000088

    2A83D206 28AB0000

    5564EB50 333ECB25

    C0B52947 E8EFB25F

    840BC795 857E6A62

    D4C46D34 C202DCE6

    68B292DD F89FE83A

    5CAC9C3E A8C50295

    92102AB2 977B7A07

    BE73998D 482512D4

    2B069DAB 87C1F0F9

    C345DCEB B57DE575

    41CE5612 6574FCF3

    CE53560F C360D777

    414E246A AC079F09

    EB0B3778 9C2792AB

    A6914007 17D42CA2

    EC57D55D 9D37EE8C

    E0010C60 00000088

    0D7C9CFB AA2F0000

    9F0EC364 D6751A60

    1AACE8D7 E5C39E4E

    AC29F91A 58FD18EA

    6AFAF083 B08AEAD6

    C6EB1D4C E432FBA2

    453F6DDB F67624BE

    7CF7A695 12B744FE

    518DB891 443981E7

    207EBD8B 23888671

    899482D3 D2ABE8D5

    944DAEEA 90EC6719

    9F537B9A 92FFB1C2

    09CE4787 B8DED9A6

    9F078EF0 6D0827D9

    C8E3B745 963612B5

    B72F8887 AA528562

    D2000000 00000000

    um the lapras has an event on hg/ss every friday got to the union cave where there are laders go down but not down the lader down the map keep going through it and there will be a lapras lv.20 but only every friday

    Yeah, I know. I was talking about D/P/Pt...

    I sure hope I'm not missing anyone. Speak up if I am, these requests are starting to pop up more often, and I tend to miss things.

  2. I have some more requests.

    I have 2 Soulsilver Versions and 1 Heartgold Version for the US.

    I want each traveling party in each of the game paks to have completely different pokemon. No one pokemon is in 2 sifferent game paks.


    Thank you ahead of time for all of your trouble. I really appreciate it.

    All right, I'll do those after I finish your current previous requests. Also. Next time you request, please use this format, it's straight-to-the-point and much easier to look at:



    Held Item:



    Nickname (If wanted):

    Original Trainer (Trainer Name/OT):

    Trainer Gender (If specific):

    Trainer ID (If specific):

    Secret ID (If specific):

    Pokemon Gender (If specific):

    Shiny (Yes or No):

    Egg (Yes or No):



    PP (max or normal):

    Pokérus Status: Infected/Cured/No Status

    Pokéball Captured In:

    Battle Stats:

    IV Stats:

    EV Stats:

    Ribbons (If any):

    Location/Date Met:

    Level Met At:

    Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg):


    Contest Stats:

    Party slot 1-6 or Storage box 1-18, slot 1-30 (required for AR code):

    For what game (required for AR code): D/P,HG/SS or Platinum

    Friend Code (required for Trading):


    Actually, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, editing those requests into this format would definitely help me make it now, since I'm getting confused over just about all of your requests from the different form.

    i have a request and do it when you can ok so if you are too bussy i can wait


    Held Item:leftovers



    Nickname (If wanted):none

    Original Trainer (Trainer Name/OT):master

    Trainer Gender (If specific): male

    Trainer ID (If specific):54641

    Secret ID (If specific):46641

    Pokemon Gender (If specific): male

    Shiny (Yes or No):no

    Egg (Yes or No):no


    Attacks:dragon pulse/earthquake/dragon claw/surprise me

    PP (max or normal):max

    Pokérus Status: Infected/Cured/No Status; no status

    Pokéball Captured In:dark ball

    Battle Stats:the legit stats and hp 340

    IV Stats: 31 attack 4 speed

    EV Stats:255 attack/255 speed/145 defense

    Ribbons (If any):none

    Location/Date Met:you choose that

    Level Met At:5

    Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg):none


    Contest Stats:255

    Party slot 1-6 or Storage box 1-18, slot 1-30 (required for AR code):box 7 slot5

    For what game (required for AR code): D/P,HG/SS or Platinum for platinum

    Friend Code (required for Trading):

    Yep, I have this one ready for you, one Pokemon's a piece of cake. Platinum, Select, Box 7, Slot 5.

    94000130 FFFB0000

    B2101D40 00000000

    E0013104 00000088

    4BB030FE FE960000

    49134DBF ADA38828

    A522B6BF 553F9063

    D0098CA7 1D6B8546

    E02D8BAE 53270378

    FC3FD78F 9C952816

    47BABAB0 495F05E5

    5A49524C B9F47CC8

    D1375CC0 625A2231

    70CA90D4 65E4005D

    C9591543 ECC0C50C

    6D00D7D0 27CCFF99

    AA09D3F0 D24AD95F

    4FF9C9BD A32EDDD2

    11D30B70 11FFD49F

    03EAE01D 4704E6B4

    78D90E25 46F128B1

    D2000000 00000000

    Which are the problems that you've found?

    Growlithe... uh. You say it's in an egg? Eggs can't come from Sandgem, can't have a hatched location when it's not hatched, or be in a Park Ball.

    Lapras can only be caught in Victory Road in D/P/Pt, so the Moon Ball isn't available...

    I think that was it, but I might have missed something.

  3. can someone hack a pokemon for me?

    Make one from scratch or edit a Pokemon you have? Either way, I can.

    Hey, If I have a request for a whole team, where should I go?

    You're at the right place. Request away.

    wifi trade please

    Pokemon: Smeargle

    Held Item: Salac Berry

    Level: 100

    Ability: Own Tempo

    Nickname (If wanted):

    Original Trainer (Trainer Name/OT): Ian

    Trainer Gender (If specific): Male

    Trainer ID (If specific): 61621

    Secret ID (If specific): 50922

    Pokemon Gender (If specific): Male

    Shiny (Yes or No): No

    Egg (Yes or No): No

    Nature: Jolly

    Attacks: Belly Drum, Spore, Substitute, Baton Pass

    PP (max or normal): Normal

    Pokérus Status: Cured

    Pokéball Captured In: Great Ball

    Battle Stats: Max

    IV Stats: 31 in all

    EV Stats: 252 Speed, 252 HP, 6 Defense

    Ribbons (If any):

    Location/Date Met: Route 12, July 7th 2010

    Level Met At: 17

    Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg):

    Happiness: Max

    Contest Stats:

    Friend Code (required for Trading): 1463 0361 1560

    Pokemon: Magikarp

    Held Item: Focus Sash

    Level: 100

    Ability: Swift Swim

    Nickname (If wanted):

    Original Trainer (Trainer Name/OT): Ian

    Trainer Gender (If specific): Male

    Trainer ID (If specific): 61621

    Secret ID (If specific): 50922

    Pokemon Gender (If specific): Male

    Shiny (Yes or No): No

    Egg (Yes or No): No

    Nature: Jolly

    Attacks: Splash, Tackle, Flail

    PP (max or normal): Normal

    Pokérus Status: Cured

    Pokéball Captured In: Net Ball

    Battle Stats: Max

    IV Stats: 31 in all

    EV Stats: 252 Speed, 252 Attack, 6 HP

    Ribbons (If any):

    Location/Date Met: Route 203

    Level Met At: 10

    Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg):

    Happiness: Max

    Contest Stats:

    Friend Code (required for Trading): 1463 0361 1560

    I'll get started on this as soon as I can.

    Thanks Aarux, just shoot me a PM whenever you are ready.

    No prob, I should send one soon, since I got the Celebi on my game and just need to extract the files for editing.

    Also, little note to everyone, I'm going out for a while tonight so these requests would be finished either tomorrow or late today.

  4. Aw man. I think I'm about finished with your request, Tracy. That many Pokemon took a while to make.

    This one has Lucario, Typhlosion, Squirtle, Smeargle, and Ditto. Select to use, and it's for Soul Silver. Box 2, Slots 1-5.

    94000130 FFFB0000

    B2111880 00000000

    E0010710 00000088

    39E0D149 B85F0000

    02D1F065 316E60BC

    E0CCEB07 03919C39

    B3595F2E E168F153

    2C38B534 F5341A86

    F16CB9E6 35182568

    A73904FC A9CDB85C

    FEADB5D1 715855BF

    24280B57 E20086D2

    1E608444 520997FF

    99A040CE 75BCE936

    2ACD5A57 A2F3A47C

    1EBB395C B737FD57

    64CED699 0622D40E

    13D51C10 C94518A3

    88D7984E 40773D09

    5FED7ECF D02E0962

    E0010798 00000088

    7AB3090E EC700000

    F7D396CF 51AC677E

    B45C7F7E E09FEF5D

    B2BC7F79 6E09D954

    1635D013 F6B456A3

    F55CD64B 370691DF

    2284F875 34532D2A

    9F8378DA 7744E20C

    B117A34A 7C39B086

    5F595BBD 51B2FE3A

    EA68B4FE 77BC4E03

    058D3B56 0FF5EE28

    973B12CE 6BF24EFC

    88A11493 4DDFEB33

    672A196E 5B11E1B6

    A8D5C701 8C3D78EF

    969D98CC BB7FF8ED

    E0010820 00000088

    EA880544 917E0000

    CE02B29B E5EABA81

    F703CD9A 60710AF5

    B0AF7BCD C39609BC

    F8E135A1 C4C6B08B

    CE0AA6A5 F739B89D

    A59E5B56 3437F567


    22D85A1E B70AA87F

    FCC2D369 429F5F31

    B22924D3 DD453F58

    FEC9FE01 09DA6233

    B064D486 96E5A303

    2C18944A 3EEDCD78

    833CBEF8 0A633824

    792CC2DF 2CC8D7C0

    E5719F51 0A3646F3

    E00108A8 00000088

    B1C66E0D 264B0000

    1331B583 E559A061

    56968678 C30512B7

    3884C8B1 0AECA563

    7CF0A39F 0E1A9086

    42ED1977 AC4CC871

    2C01C251 C2CBA1E3

    C3537B71 05D8E385

    042B4E63 BAB4FB3F

    BA4CB7DD CA68140A

    79892877 B15E8875

    0A09BD5F AD4F52FA

    B7DF4856 2BAECF53

    9D2DE915 6FE18C9D

    FCC1E9D0 61499FF7

    E00DA45F 9AAEC398

    AE30DD94 5CB30F80

    E0010930 00000088

    055738CC 95B50000

    2B5EEC30 A70B289B

    ECC63355 80986134

    8141D2C2 87C5EE1D

    9031FC1D 18D7CFB7

    AB8C4FB7 9D1F209C

    BE68E2B8 8D98A8D9

    699242F0 5F5083DB

    A591A667 567C3DE1

    15039587 7A35BA03

    DD16AFEB 80A5C042

    868C4BE4 7D4E4F1C

    F29F9C69 62D4CAB2

    F8F6BB43 4A3E510E

    B1D7AA58 37E59898

    87E912AB D04344F1

    996BE085 65EC58F4

    D2000000 00000000

    And this is for the three Regi's... Select, Soul Silver, and Box 2, Slots 6-8.

    94000130 FFFB0000

    B2111880 00000000

    E00109B8 00000088

    4B2066B3 21C60000

    68106E06 75020959

    268F1486 C5398748

    874D938B D1FC1736

    AC2ABD41 A48EDAB7

    665C18DA 4036820D

    E77CB2A8 12CF3FA9

    00307247 CFF3985D

    9D025356 B37277D7

    A390C5AC 95DCFAD3

    56EB886E 00805886

    442E281E C77DB106

    8EEB7B7A 1FA4C9E8

    8DC7C1D3 C758F94B

    621305C8 C1E861A3

    43258E90 76DACBFE

    171CAE75 0C241B92

    E0010A40 00000088

    648AC26F 48880000

    0A72B656 79CCF37B

    97661902 C3842373

    FAD5CD46 8B85F2A2

    E7D52CD8 462E2E6C

    EDF91F26 08C11AE0

    6C294B9D BE353FD8

    F95AF5A4 8EE6FB25

    D741D628 0368D6B3

    10772D4E 940A6072

    367814B3 CBE0A181

    04F3AD66 002DDA3A

    798EA1BD 546F9516

    5ED0EEBD 45462FC0

    53B41FE4 33A9BC07

    F4BAE740 73AF88D9

    7B37AAB1 8838BE00

    E0010AC8 00000088

    1DCB297D 4CE10000

    410AAFEA 070574A4

    81930BA2 FA1AF3B7

    832C4372 7E1DF3B6

    84CB26F6 47B86BE4

    2B360037 C85EA986

    DB0B2D91 42BE9F18

    540634B6 8637DE44

    C41EBF0C 1EC2FDB9

    76AFF761 661A50FB

    0EC2FDBC 80758A11

    4EDADEE5 5C21A8F0

    2CCCDF07 BF9A3369

    260201B9 0B8E98EC

    E3BB51AE 1697FAF2

    1514AD22 98436008

    8759CFA6 900DFDD7

    D2000000 00000000

    I'll add the fixed Typhlosion with the Legend Ribbon here... Soul Silver, Select, Box 2, Slot 9.

    94000130 FFFB0000

    B2111880 00000000

    E0010B50 00000088

    EA880544 718E0000

    A5210400 F4576ACC

    A9CA5E8F A66B1201

    16A3398C FEA5B771

    30C1FDF5 2BD63AD7

    C279B747 C69D8A6B

    83C4258C F08D8106

    2C6A9C24 26CF2E47


    DA47EA44 4B434C93

    A3761D7E 0F713C3B

    B8AE0319 BC16CC10

    0FE5446D E919FFA3

    032C1BE6 D169BB6F

    92BE482A 28B4E41E

    824D288F 2E0C65B0

    48BFB2A8 5D1C6F4B

    D2000000 00000000

    There's probably an error somewhere, I made these when I was half-asleep. But you can test them out and look them over.

    I'm still making the other Pokemon. And I don't know if I can get the apricorn code, if there's one out there, then I'll post it. But I don't make codes like that.

    Traded please.

    And for the battle stats can you make the attack and speed so they look legal and high.


    Held Item:choice band



    Nickname (If wanted):

    Original Trainer (Trainer Name/OT):Ash

    Trainer Gender (If specific): male

    Trainer ID (If specific):35267

    Secret ID (If specific):

    Pokemon Gender (If specific): male

    Shiny (Yes or No):no

    Egg (Yes or No):no


    Attacks:dragon claw,earthquake,stone edge,flamethrower

    PP (max or normal):normal

    Pokérus Status: Infected

    Pokéball Captured In: safari ball

    Battle Stats:

    IV Stats: 31 attack

    EV Stats:252 attack/252 speed

    Ribbons (If any):

    Location/Date Met:safari zone/ march 4 2010

    Level Met At:45

    Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg):


    Contest Stats:normal

    Party slot 1-6 or Storage box 1-18, slot 1-30 (required for AR code):

    For what game (required for AR code): D/P,HG/SS or Platinum

    Friend Code (required for Trading): 3094-9355-3354

    All right. Made it, tell me when you're on.

    Hey, I'm looking to get some Movie 13 Event Celebi. I need them traded over wifi, since I can't make them myself (I don't know how to input japanese characters into Pokesav).


    I appreciate it.

    I'll make these for you. I just need to get some with the correct natures off my game, so they're completely legal.

    By the way, Bassman, editing the nature changes the PID, thus invalidating the Pokemon... so you'd have to pick up one with the correct nature in-game and base it off that. Ex. Take a legit event Legality has registered, edit the nature, and see if it still passes, it shouldn't.

  5. red, here you go. They're for Platinum, L + R. They don't look like the ones from the events, you know, because you're asking for them to be way different. But they'll still activate the events.

    I didn't really bother with the stats this time, I can't with PC codes. I can tell you Suicune's attack is a lot less than you wanted, because Suicune is a defensive Pokemon. Everything else is normal.

    Suicune is in Box 17, Slot 1.

    94000130 FCFF0000

    B2101D40 00000000

    E001CE44 00000088

    627E0112 52340000

    86C4E05A 9E9BB35E

    7E841517 4D9A4A1D

    973853D0 D69B9FB5

    DCC68839 810AF9D8

    27BB1E4E B1E612CC

    F8D4BFA7 91362C27

    2EF1DC7A 239D0B5B

    40F20836 25139EED

    8049EA4F E9648FD5

    71F4B153 D63BA556

    02182EB6 4AE008CE

    7418652F 541741A3

    30D9F41B B8CF9E02

    C05A4E3E D0839373

    73BC67B8 65865577

    EEC2BA2A D4880E5F

    D2000000 00000000

    Shaymin is in Box 16, Slot 1.

    94000130 FCFF0000

    B2101D40 00000000

    E001BE54 00000088

    D8CBDA38 501A0000

    7FDEA777 679BAB9B

    42ABE336 DA1E1D21

    2A663FB3 1F08B5C9

    F6776B82 E6A88A85

    9A2BDE50 195B2FDE

    67E1B3FD 9AE95DDF

    B9065DAE C9E551CC

    7935D3D8 A640440D

    C539E93D 65944E04

    B0B3875E DA10CF7B

    AEDE5B38 C9324C6E

    3DB32177 C7F7A48A

    94E7CF4E EA8F6670

    7F2A749F 191A8E3C

    DCCB633A BE680501

    30910553 D75B2E8C

    D2000000 00000000

    And Tracy. That makes it simpler, thanks.

    All right, I'll try to get some of those done... I'll post whenever they're ready or if I have a problem. Just a note, any Pokemon can get Pokerus without a negative result, you know.

  6. i did but he is bussy on another code and other people won't replay i will just wait

    That's your best bet. He has a lot of requests, you know.

    Around May 12 and May 13, 2010, I posted several requests, but I have not heard anything, so I will Repost them .

    Many of them, I may be editing my Request in order to make them easier to fullfil.


    Whoa, that was a lot. Let's see... you're trying to make them look as realistic as possible, right?

    The OT can only be seven characters. Pokefreak@ is... ten.

    The legit maximum for contest stats is perfect, but there are plenty of people that take that as a hacked sign. Do you want me to just fill out something reasonable, or just stick with the max...?

    Spearow. It has a set PID, so it can't be shiny without messing with its legitimacy. And I'm pretty sure it didn't have any egg moves, but if you really want me to put some on, and screw over the integrity, I'll go ahead.

    Uh. There's a lot of other small things. Most of the confusion is caused by not using the requested format and legality things, actually. I'll be winging most of this...

    And last thing to note, I don't know how to make .pgt codes for HG/SS. So these would all be in your PC... but what game do you need these for? Both HG and SS, I'm thinking?

    Hello, I want something slightly different, instead of you giving me the Pokemon, can you give me the code for the pokemon.

    Basically, I am UK HeartGOLD, and am trying to make a cyndaquil, if I have made the Pokemon in Pokesav Platinum, what parts of the code do i need to change to get it to UK Heartgold standard

    I don't know how to convert codes... RASN does, so maybe you should ask him. Why don't you just generate the code for Heart Gold and not Platinum?

  7. Here's that code, RASN. Thanks for taking a look at it.

    94000130 FCFF0000

    B2101D40 00000000

    E00000B4 000000EC

    DE5E92F1 2A750000

    8A6199D1 0AD9AD89

    DDB9B59B 3121A13C

    D4A64FF4 B012F4CA

    EF9F5079 8941B195

    1FF1B5E6 E37A2BF7

    E8062D14 B372170B

    7C4FB3CF 428F7DEF

    8B7C5836 482FE636

    D16D9AB2 E93DD238

    2EA52300 2755A6E9

    C4432BC5 C4F690DD

    1FEA4D14 4247FA3B

    88030C83 E191B9DD

    CBBF2D2B 4185842C

    4E531A65 5AC57229

    EBB80344 B9EF606C

    A12F5670 604F3E81

    3B51C87B 2DA209B0

    BB8D6F5C A470C9F7

    0B2ED84B 4C7C131C

    38B7D1B5 A7CB31C9

    67E54E24 87B25E21

    D2C33992 4DCA08FD

    69D0B064 D09A52EC

    E9CD3816 D795EF7A

    7AD8DE17 6246F8B5

    2CB960F2 2EC976EC

    E47CC7AD 337CA0B9

    8F3F0B75 00000000

    D2000000 00000000

    red707, this party code has all the stats exactly as you stated. The PC code isn't going to have higher stats unless I use illegal EV combos.

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