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  1. That worked thanks a ton! Is there a good place where I can learn how you were able to compare the flags checked as well as constants? I probably could not see that without help at the moment...
  2. alrighty so perhaps set the constant 75 to 97 then?
  3. is that in the "event flag" section? guess im not seeing these numbers
  4. mhmm when i made the comparison i was using .sav, i thought .dst would be easier to load up and export but that's not the case apparently
  5. ah gotcha okay heres a .sav file before getting the diploma, the avatar is right next to the director heartgold before diploma.sav
  6. okay thank you! and i was able to get the diploma using your save. There does not seem to be any difference between before and after receiving the diploma unfortunately...it may just not be an option in the PKHex program at the moment. I can attach the .dst files before and after receiving the diploma if anyone wants to analyze. It is nice seeing the diploma again at least testing diploma 1.dst testing diploma after receiving.dst
  7. When i load the rom and import the save, it crashes the program. The files available on the gamefaqs are .duc and .dst--a .dst i made a while ago works fine but not the one from gamefaqs
  8. ugh the saves that i tried using from GameFaqs weren't recognized by either DESMUME or PKHex
  9. If there is an event flag for this, that would be great. I'm not seeing that available though
  10. I appreciate all the work done on this website (my save file would still be corrupted without this site's help!) so i just want to make a shout out to the programmers on here. I was wondering if it is possible to reset the event of receiving your national diploma in Heartgold (or previous generations, but Heartgold is the game I'm currently playing) using PKHeX. I can see that there are certain events that can be reset and edited, but I did not notice the diploma event. I tried to see if I could delete one Pokemon (Ratatta and Raticate specifically) from my box and Pokedex, and catch it again, but that didn't work. If anyone has insight into this particular manner I would appreciate the help!
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