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  1. This sounds similar to a crash that I encountered in the past with a postgame enemy that knew a game-breaking move whenever the AI decided to choose that move, or something along those lines. I think the only way to really avoid it is to either kill it on the turn that it's summoned (i.e. have the trainer swap out a pokemon and then kill the swapped in pokemon that crashes the game on that turn, as that's how I got around my issue) or pray that the AI doesn't choose that move. Or something along those lines. Otherwise, you'll have to wait for a patch. Not sure if others have gotten through the game at that length yet or not.
  2. Wow, good work on adding the prompt for Orre Colosseum! Good work as always. It's amazing that you put three years of work into the library to trace out the game's assembly. I wish I had the patience to do something like that with a game that I want to mod like Paper Mario TTYD. If I wanted to do something like that, would you have any recommendations on where I could begin?
  3. Thanks for updating the Colosseum matches to go back to doubles! Though I notice that there isn't a prompt to ask for a preference, it's just back to doubles altogether. I doubt that would be maintainable across updates to have single and double branches. Is that a future plan and this was just a quick, temporary fix, or...? It seemed like you wanted to give Singles a shot, so I wouldn't want you to scrap the idea entirely just because I asked for doubles to return.
  4. Wow, you're really on the ball this weekend for patching the game with all these hotfixes! This is just that reminder that you asked me to make about adding a quick option or prompt to set Colosseum battles to either the Single or Double format. Keep up the amazing work -- Even after all this time it still makes me so happy to see an old favorite of mine get these kinds of mods.
  5. Is it a similar method to using GCRebuilder to extract and rebuild, and the other peripheral tools associated with changing around the assembly? Because if so, I'm familiar with the process. But either way, thank you for looking into adding in that functionality~ I think it'll add some replayability, too, being able to switch from singles to doubles for Colosseums, particularly endgame.
  6. Hmm... I'm not really sure how I feel about the single battles for Colosseums. I decided to give it a test shot (my postgame save file was compatible enough to function) and I went to Orre Colosseum, and you made those single battle, too. It's interesting, but... I don't know. I always felt like Colosseum shined the most for its focus on Doubles, and to have the hardest challenge of the game become a Singles format doesn't sit right. I'm totally biased--Double Battles are my favorite, and it's a big reason why I like the Orre series so much to begin with. Would there be any way to make this sort of thing configurable? Like an additional prompt, "What battle format would you like to fight in?" or something like that. Alternatively, what bit do I have to flip to patch it back to Doubles myself? I'm hoping changing a format for a particular set of battles is as simple as changing a few flags...
  7. According to the change log, Colosseum battles were set to singles except for Mirror B. Does that include Orre Colosseum, too? Why the change, in general?
  8. Wow, thanks for all the replies--it's really cool that you're trying to reintroduce Pyrite Cave! Do you plan on making it a postgame dungeon or something optional in the midgame? It's too bad that The Under might be beyond the scope of this mod since unlike the Caves, Under was totally purged from the data. That reminds me, you mentioned removing models to make room for new ones. How "full" is Gale of Darkness? In terms of the bytes that can be written to a GC disk, is this game basically filled to the brim?
  9. He means Shade Balls, which you get with the Master Ball in this new version. Apparently they're 5x as effective against Shadow Pokemon, and I think you only get the 10 and that's it.
  10. Yes, it's automatically shiny. My question is if the Shadow Absol you get later in the game is supposed to be shiny, or if that was just coincidence on my part...
  11. I beat the game, including Mt. Battle and Orre Colosseum! The postgame additions were great! A few things to note, that I think would be a great addition as well: The (story) final boss glitches out if you fight him again but you captured all his Pokemon. He sends out nothing (as in, it literally shows the animation of him throwing a pokeball, but then goes right to the player summoning his, and it says "Greevil sends out !" And after assigning your first attacks, the battle victory plays and you gain 0 pokedollars. I remember in the original, he had a team of replacement non-Shadow pokemon on his team when you capture his Shadow Pokemon. Seems like a good opportunity to make him a postgame superboss or something? Also, the first battle of the final round in Orre--the pokemon could use an offense buff, imo, since the fight is a total cakewalk compared to what came before them.
  12. I don't think that will work, will it? Dragon Tail has a 'go last' priority, doesn't it? So by the time it gets switched in, it'll be the end of the turn. You have to get the trainer to switch it in on their own, and predict that happening.... Hopefully you're playing this on Dolphin.
  13. Yo, I think this might be because the Aggron and the Groudon both know Gear Shift, which may be what causes the game to crash. Groudon is luck in terms of whether it uses the move or not. Aggron, look back a few posts and you'll see me post a video about this very glitch and my workaround. It is NOT easy... but I did it, so it's possible.
  14. Turn off panic handlers. It's the only real workaround at the moment, I think. Though on my build I never encountered those even with those on, so maybe it has to do with the dolphin build? I used the stable 5.0
  15. Absolutely. My team consisted of a Vaporeon, Salamence (caught as a wild Bagon), Blaziken, Sceptile, and Metagross, and Absol, and not only did I beat Greevil, I also caught all of the pokemon on one fight. Granted, I had saved up all my Max Revives throughout the whole game for the battle--though I only had to use two. Word of advice? Priority moves (Bullet punch, extremespeed, mach punch) can really save you if you need a desperation KO. Also, since you're inherently at a disadvantage, save your tanks (Umbreon, Ludicolo?) for later, so if you feel you're in trouble, you can sacrifice one of their turns to revive a pokemon for a net gain in usable 'mons next turn. Focus Sash is also very useful to guarantee at least one attack that turn when against fast pokemon. Followed up by a priority move and you've got a solid plan to whittle them away. Also, not sure if it was coincidence or not, but I'm pretty sure the catch rates on Greevil's 6-shadow fight are much higher than usual, for the sake of not being completely impossible.
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