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  1. Thanks PinkOnion for the help. I only have a couple more questions. I have Butterfree listed on the shadow pokemon list (downloaded from output list) and I've already beaten the game and can't find it. Is it one of the 15 post game pokemon? I've already checked every trainer. Also is Ho-oh received at Mt. Battle like in Pokemon Colosseum?
  2. I've done most of the post game and found the remaining 15 shadow Pokemon and stumbled onto Suicune, Raikou, and Kyogre as well. I believe I'm playing the 1.20 version, and I can't seem to find Entei, Groudon, or Rayquaza anywhere. I remember someone saying there was a guide for this hack, but I haven't the slightest clue as where to find it. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  3. I just want to thank you for reimagining one of my favorite games from my childhood. I had just finished playing the original when my curiosity led me to search online for a possible mod, and, boy, did I stumble down the rabbit hole. I'm addicted. I can't stop myself from playing, and I feel like I'm a kid again, exploring a whole new game. I've only finished up to Phenac City, and I love just about everything you've done with XG. My only complaint is that a lot of Pokemon know the move protect (especially on Mt. Battle), but rather than making the game more "difficult" per se, the unnecessary Protects make the game less enjoyable as you wait and wait and wait for the move to fail before you have the chance to knock out their Pokemon. There was a time on Mt. Battle where a Bellossom used protect 4 times in a row. I didn't even know you could use it that many times lol. That's my only issue with the game. Please keep up the amazing work. I haven't had this much fun playing Pokemon since the first time I ever played. Oh and maybe releasing some kind of guide? If possible, I'd love to make a wiki detailing every trainer with their Pokemon, their moves, abilities, and such, kind of like how Bulbapedia does it. Thanks for the fun
  4. I downloaded the program and required libraries but the application refuses to run. All I want to do is just edit my saves but I keep getting errors
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