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  1. No, this hack has close to all, but not all of them. In addition to Munchlax being unavailable, I have a list of Pokemon line unobtainable within XG. If you want a GCN hack that does this, you can wait for StarsMmd's Hacking tools, and either make it yourself, or wait for someone else to make said hack.
  2. I gave my Golbat 20 Vivid Scents, and yet it still doesn't like me very much. Happiness seems to be broken for Golbat, because my other Pokemon get more friendship over time, but not my Golbat, which sucks because it evolves by friendship.
  3. But the new battle mechanics are supposed to end the battle as soon as the last opponent's Pokemon faints. The current mechanics causes the battle to continue after this until after another turn, which also both positive and negative effects to occur when they aren't supposed to. EDIT: I have compiled a list of duplicate Pokemon encounters, as well as the list of Pokemon lines that are unavailable within XG. If I am allowed, I can show this list to @StarsMmd. Thank you again for this great hack.
  4. Firstly, great hack, man. Really love playing through XD with the new additions. Now then, all the effects of the last turn of a battle occur when they're not supposed to, leading to some cheap deaths. (i.e. Burn, Poison, Perish Song) I think it has something to do with the way you coded the wait for end of turn to send in the next Pokemon instead of immediately. Also, Bellossom used to be Grass/Fairy in previous versions, I'd love for it to be so again, though it doesn't have to be. Finally, you could get more Pokemon lines in if you'd reduce the amount of duplicates available as either wild or Shadow. For example, Absol is both a wild Pokemon and a Shadow. This seems a little much. Other examples include both Bagon and Salamence as Shadow Pokemon, Swablu as wild and Altaria as a Shadow, and so on.
  5. Focus Sash doesn't work on Shedinja, even though it's supposed to keep it from dieing, so Shedinja is useless without it. I am using 1.0.4, BTW.
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