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  1. Hello, do you mind PM me or teaching us here how to edit MOVES using the Text or Hex editors? I really need this to finish my hackrom.
  2. Same.. please give us an answer, even if it is a negative one like "No I will never implement a move editor"
  3. Is there any way for us to change MOVES and ITEMS/SHOP data on Sword and Shield? Any plans of adding to PkNX?
  4. I spent 4 hours editing my files, but none of the changes were saved. Can someone tell me how to save the changes? "Edited files will be saved to a patch folder (named after the game's title ID)" I cannot find this folder, where it should be?
  5. POKEMON PERFECT RUBY VER. 1.0 (OPEN BETA) UPDATED: 09.2018 Description: Pokemon Perfect Ruby is a modification of Omega Ruby with the objective of creating not only an interesting and balanced playthrough, but also aims to balance Pokemon battles as a whole. After playing almost every Pokemon game there`s and every single one of them was very easy, I know most of you feel the same, that`s why I`ve been making this hack rom for the past 2 years. Since Pokemon Let`s Go is around the corner, and we know it won`t be challenging as we wanted, Pokemon Perfect Ruby is the challenge
  6. Hi, I have been using PK3DS to make a perfect balanced pokemon ORAS game, and back then it wasn't possible to edit CRO files. Can someone tell me if now it is possible to edit CRO files? if it is can you tell me how or what do I need? I know this isn't a tutorial area, but I can't find this information anywhere. Thank you for your time!
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