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  1. I spent 4 hours editing my files, but none of the changes were saved. Can someone tell me how to save the changes? "Edited files will be saved to a patch folder (named after the game's title ID)" I cannot find this folder, where it should be?
  2. POKEMON PERFECT RUBY VER. 1.0 (OPEN BETA) UPDATED: 09.2018 Description: Pokemon Perfect Ruby is a modification of Omega Ruby with the objective of creating not only an interesting and balanced playthrough, but also aims to balance Pokemon battles as a whole. After playing almost every Pokemon game there`s and every single one of them was very easy, I know most of you feel the same, that`s why I`ve been making this hack rom for the past 2 years. Since Pokemon Let`s Go is around the corner, and we know it won`t be challenging as we wanted, Pokemon Perfect Ruby is the challenge you were waiting for! Everything was tailored to be more challenge and engaging. I do not advice to run any extra challenges on this hack rom, since it could lead to frustration. >> All Pokemons from Gen I to Gen III are available to capture and battle, around 400 species have been edited fully, this includes, Pokedex entries, base stats, abilities, typing, evolution methods, moveset, and mega evolution. >> Major changes to moves in general, PP and accuracy for me was always a waste of balance potential in the game since most of the moves have 100% accuracy and plenty of PP to be spammable. My rom aims to change that, creating several types of moves, making every Pokemon more unique depending on what moves they can learn. >> Pacing has been changed, creating less 1-shot scenarios, giving more breathing room for strategies to be made. Also took precautions against Tanks and Walls, and which Pokemons have access to status moves, as well as how status moves behave. >> All Pokemon Trainers have been changed, most of them have more Pokemons, better level curve, held items and interesting teams. It`s the part I`m most proud of and I hope you enjoy! Features: 3 Generations of Pokemon to capture, all with modified base stats, abilities and movesets. All moves have been edited, Power, Accuracy and PP. All Pokemon trainers have been changed to be more interesting and challenging. Including Gym Leaders and Elite 4! Every route encounter has been changed, adding more variety on each step of your journey. (This cause Dexnav to crash, I`m working on a fix, but as for the moment it can`t be used) Several Pokemons typing have been changed to create more balanced and interesting species. Charizard is a Fire/Dragon now, rejoice! Every type has some core traits that are shared by most of the Pokemons from that type. Some examples are how most Normal-types have great HP and Sp. Def, Electric has less Defense but excellent Sp. Atk and Speed. That`s several exceptions of Pokemons that do not follow the traits of their typing, and that`s another thing that makes them unique. Example: Electabuzz is a great physical Pokemon, with high Atk and Def, making him the best user of Thunder Punch, his signature move. Legendary Pokemons are absurdly strong and hard to catch. Their base stats and abilities are only rival by another Legendary, you could make an unstoppable team with Legendaries but I believe most of the players would want to beat their game with their favourite species. BUGS: DEXNAV IS NOT WORKING AND CAN CRASH THE GAME. (MAJOR) SOME TRAINERS GIVE REWARDS AFTER BEING BESTED, THAT CAUSES THEIR TEXT BUBBLES TO BE BLANK, DO NOT CAUSE THE GAME TO CRASH, YOU JUST HAVE TO HIT [A] TO END THE DIALOG. (MINOR) NOT A BUG, BUT I HAVEN`T CHANGED ANY TEXT AT ALL. SO MOVE DESCRIPTIONS AND SOME STORY TEXTS WON`T MAKE SENSE FOR THE TIME BEING. (MINOR) TOGGLING WI-FI CONNECTION WILL CAUSE THE GAME TO CRASH BECAUSE IT`S A HACK ROM. (MAJOR) PREVIOUS STATUS MOVES THAT WERE CHANGED TO DEAL DAMAGE, WILL NOT SHOW THE DAMAGE INFLICTED UNTIL THE POKEMON IS SWITCHED, HEALED OR DAMAGED BY ANOTHER MOVE. (MINOR) SCREENSHOT: W.I.P VIDEO: W.I.P WISH LIST: I`ve created this hack rom, because I see so much potential on pokemon battles that are not exploited by the playerbase. I really want people to enjoy what I have to show and one day create a Showdown Server with similar balancing and even more features, but first I want you all to enjoy and have fun with this hack rom. There are some changes that I really wish to make on the rom but I simply lack the tools and the knowledge to make, so if someone with more knowledge of rom hacking wish to help me achieve them I`ll be forever grateful. Some of the changes I wish I could make are: Damage from Burn and Poison changed from 1/16 to 1/20. Despite my efforts, the strategy of poisoning/burning an enemy and just heal/wall a Pokemon still can be achieved within the game and I think it would create more room for fun battles if this strategy was nerfed a little bit more. Weather lasting from 5-8 turns to last 10-20 turns. I really see a lot of potential for the use of weather, but the fact that cost one of your 4 moves to set up something that you can`t even use much is just a waste. Aerial Ace to be a Flying-type move that deals super effective damage to Flying Pokemons. I`ve managed to accomplish that on a local Showdown server by editing the files, using the same base as Freeze-Dry. I`m not sure it can be made on a hack rom, but this is a wish list after all. Making status move to cause flinch. Some status moves are interesting but, the fact that you lose 1/4 of your moveset that compete with several strong moves, interesting is not enough. I believe I could make some status moves to be viable if I could just make them flinch the opponent. DOWNLOAD: I`ll link the files that have been edited that you can either use on your homebrew 3DS or on your Citra Emulator. For copyright reasons, I`ll not disclose how can you install homebrews, or how you can dump and decrypt roms. I`ll, however, link the tool I use to repack my hack rom to play using Citra. [TIP: GO TO YOUR CONFIGURATION MENU ONCE YOU START YOUR PLAYTHROUGH OF PERFECT RUBY, CHANGE THE BATTLE CONFIGURATION FROM {SWITCH} TO {SET}. THAT WAS THE WAY THE GAME WAS INTENDED TO BE PLAYED, BUT FORCING IT TO BE {SET} AS DEFAULT CRASHED THE GAME.] FILES: -removed because it contains files from roms- DotNet 3DS Toolkit: https://github.com/evandixon/DotNet3dsToolkit/releases/tag/1.4.6
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