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  1. This looks quite fantastic, mate and I'll be looking forward to it Keep up the good work!
  2. It's probably too late already -judging by the date in which this was posted- but I'd like to throw my two cents in here anyway, because I had something similar happen to me in Gen 2 and it wasn't fun to deal with. Ideally, you can still get lucky enough for them to obey you at least once or twice a battle, which at that level should be enough to defeat the trainers on the gym, but you should be careful not to let them accumulate that much XP after they do so, because they would get even more levels and your problem would only increase. I recommend switching out after a successful hit is landed. Yes, it is tedious and doesn't guarantee anything, but it is still better than losing to yourself. What are the two Pokémons you currently own? I'm pretty sure you can catch something that's equally as effective to defeat the first gym with with just a bit of training. Also, you can get the Elemental Monkeys as a gift at the Dreamyard, which should save you a lot of trouble. Hope this helps!
  3. Yeah, the event won't go away until the conditions (aka defeating her) are fulfilled. However, this glitch or whatever I described above makes the game "think" you won the battle. In all honesty, it's not so much of a deal but, you know... And yeah, I remember wasting tons of Pokéballs trying to catch that Marowak when I was a kid playing for the first time. Fun times
  4. The game does treat Marowak as defeated if you do this in Gen 1, but the only time I have seen this working is while forcing the encounter without having the Sliph Scope, so do take what I say with a pinch of salt, as it's not something you could normally do. Still, quite interesting to witness and I was hoping it was left in.
  5. Can't you force the battle to be over by using a pokedoll? I have seen people avoiding this encounter by simple doing that.
  6. Thanks a lot, mate Very pleased to meet ya!
  7. I recall there being ways to skip her battle entirely, but I could never find a way (legitimately or otherwise) to capture this Pokémon. But now that you mentioned watching videos of people actually doing so, I'm really curious about the whole thing... I mean, I doubt they have bothered programming anything special on a Pokémon that you weren't supposed to capture, but I had been amazed before by the kind of things they did include despite you not being supposed to access. I will give those links a try
  8. How is it going, mates? Hope everyone's doing amazing! As you can tell, I'm new to this place -despite knowing about it for quite some time now; it's always been on the back on my mind, but I could never find the time to properly introduce myself and make an account here- and I'm looking forward to meeting you all See ya around!
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