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  1. Never mind! I figured it out myself! I went in my settings and deleted the patches and then re-dumped it and it worked!
  2. is there a link somewhere to show me how to unpack the exefs file so i can edit shiny rates? (This is for oras) Or did i unpack it and am i just missing something obvious?
  3. So i got omega ruby randomized but the trainers area all messed up. They have insanely high levels. the first rival battle has a level 24 instead of a level 5. And the other trainers have level 70s or something high like that. I would like the levels to be higher than normal, just not like that. Maybe 2-3 levels higher than normal. I have max trainer ai off, level modifier off, and max ivs off. Is there something that im missing that im doing wrong?
  4. if you went in to HxD and deleted those line, you need to restore them. I think i had the same problem and you don't need to delete them anymore
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