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  1. Could someone help me with the location of TM 21 (Zen Headbutt)? The Doku File said it is located in Kaminko's House. I searched it now for 4-5 times and couldn't find it. Is this like a Item that appears after u defeat the final boss or something? Progression wise I'm currently in gateon, ready to take the boat to citadark isle.
  2. Is there a list of all the obtainable Pokémon and when they can be caught? I like to plan my squad before I satart a pokemon game and I've looked for over an hour now trough the forum, but couldn't find anything. Would be nice if someone could help me out I'm so hyped for this hack, cause the Nintendo Direct today was disapointing as hell. Pokemon XG seems like the game they havn't anounced
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