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  1. Sadly I haven't found a solution and I've tagged Stars about this issue and I haven't received a response from him, or if there's a simple fix for it or a new patch in place for it. @N7Red @StarsMmd if there's a fix for suicune please let us know.
  2. Good evening @StarsMmd I went through patch 1.1.5 and i went on the quest for the legendary dogs prior to the shadow Pokemon factory and i successfully caught both entei and raikou however I cannot catch suicune due to a bug thus suicune not appearing after encountering it. The overworld sprite is there however the battle shows no suicune present within battle which causes me to stay stuck within the battle
  3. turning off panic handlers doesn't seem to work, it would still prevent me from progressing the game and seems to crash.
  4. Hi there guys can anyone tell me if you're running into crashes at certain places like pokespots or the battle on the ss libra. I noticed that I cannot progress through the story without resolving this issue. If anyone has a solution to this please reply.
  5. Hey there Stars I think I ran into another bug in the game. I'm not sure if this is a bug that only I am dealing with, but the issue is within poke spot encounters. I seem to crash every time I encounter a wild Pokémon with this error textbox.
  6. Ah I see thats rather unfortunate but thx. its technically like me finding a shiny pochyena right after I pick my starter in ruby and sapphire with no pokeballs
  7. @PinkOnion I mean after zook fought one of the brothers. Since the zangoose got K.Oed by him will it re-roll
  8. @StarsMmd OK so I restarted the game to have another round and I came across zook's zangoose in gateon port. Would it remain shiny till the next time I see him?
  9. Was Shadow Lugia Intended to be Shiny?????? xDD
  10. Since You've told me to start everything from scratch its the only game that I cant save my game in. After completing the simulation in the beginning I was able to save then but when I reset and come back to the main menu screen it says that theres no file present. Its a constant loop when I try to make a new file. And what type of details do u need
  11. I've tried deleting all data to the point there is no trace of data left however it still has the same issue. This screenshot was taken right after I saved my game 2 minutes ago. After resetting the game claims to not have a File on the memory card. I don't have any save states and I play this game normally with just the memory card directory.
  12. My apologies for these post but I ran into another issue which regards the memory card unable to save after starting the game. I honestly keep receiving new issue every time I resolve another but what should I do about this problem
  13. Is there really no other way to prevent that error from appearing again it takes the fun out of battling if the error constantly reappears
  14. For some reason i have an issue with the game freezing in the beginning of the game while battling the gardevoir. The game freezes once i use bullet punch the 2nd turn and cant move on through the game what do i do? I currently have dolphin 5.0 and the latest patch v1.3.0
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