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  1. Help with Event pichu

    well i'm facing the same problem even with the updated version of pkhex but i'm kinda confused at what you're saying so according to what you just said then special pokemon like heal bell dragonite , baton pass beedrill , sing marowak , wish chansey , refresh raticate or even follow me magmar & electabuzz should also not be transferable since they cannot legitimately learn those moves in game
  2. Help with Event pichu

    i have the latest version as well but still facing this problem
  3. Help with Event pichu

    So the main dilemma is with this pokemon box event pichu 172 - PICHU - CE365364F9F8.pk3 which i found in this gen 3 sav file POKEMON RUBY.0.sav the problem is that when i open the pichu in the gen 3 sav with pkhex i can see that the pichu has 3 moves : Thundershock , Charm and Surf But i when i try to inject the pichu into any gen 6 or gen 7 game then for some reason Surf Magically vanishes I tried to manually put surf on it but the pichu wont trade through I checked sereibii and bulbapedia to confirm that there was indeed an egg event pichu which had surf on it So i really cant figure out the problem here Can anyone kindly help me TIA
  4. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    this might be off topic but i hear some people are still getting banned how is that even possible didn't the banwave stop several weeks ago ??
  5. SM - Yokohama Pikachu Outbreak

    the moves are different too
  6. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    so apparently there will be a mimikyu and ditto distribution along with the outbreak pikachu
  7. SM - Yokohama Pikachu Outbreak

    uhhh thats level 10
  8. SM - Pokémon Center in Tohoku where Jirachi

    3 more days till the tanabata jirachi 4 days for the outbreak pikachu he doesn't even have proof of their legitimacy so its obviously fake
  9. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    just wondering is the jirachi even out in japan ? and also the outbreak pikachu
  10. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    looks like the marshadow will always have 3 perfect ivs
  11. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    maybe i'm the only one who's kinda disappointed that there's no sophocles's togedemaru or Lana's popplio ( they could've released its Ha with this one lol )
  12. Nintendo Attempts to Drown Hacked 3DSs with Banwave

    tunring off sopt-pass would be another option to avoid being detected
  13. Nintendo Attempts to Drown Hacked 3DSs with Banwave

    oh darn it that means i have to uninstall cfw for the time being
  14. Nintendo Attempts to Drown Hacked 3DSs with Banwave

    lets just say i have a banned console and tempted to try the second or third method ( mainly because i dont have a spare 3ds right now lol ) i'm just wondering is there any chance of my system getting banned again ? if the answer is no then i have another inquiry in reality my system hasn't been banned yet because i luckily got the news of the banwaves beforehand and didn't turn on my ds ever since now can i still use the methods mentioned above as a precautionary step to avoid getting banned for real ?
  15. Nintendo Attempts to Drown Hacked 3DSs with Banwave

    how long does the banwave last