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  1. Can confirm it works on 5.0 (at least getting past the trouble point). I really thought I tested 5.0 as I stated in my reply to fokcs, but I have so many versions all over I guess I got confused, my apologies. Hopefully Stars will add this info into the Dolphin Recommended Settings.
  2. Well, 1.2 came out less than two days ago, so unless by "the other day" you meant yesterday or Wednesday after noon then you probably weren't using the current version. 1.8.X worked (at least as far as getting past the intro battle sim on occasion), but having tried everything across multiple builds of Dolphin (5.0 through the most recent dev build) I haven't gotten 1.2.0 to proceed past the aforementioned trouble point.
  3. Hello, glad to see 1.2.0 made it! Sadly however, I just spent over about an hour trying to get it to work, but every configuration across all versions of Dolphin I could think of turned the same result, crashing after choosing anything in the intro battle sim. I tried all your recommendations for Dolphin in the OP, and anything else I could think of, but nothing gets past that first selection for ol' Metagross (as well as changing Pokes or giving up). Just wanted to give you a heads up, I'm sure you'd like your hard work to, well work after all! After I can get around to trying this again I'd love to leave some more in depth/constructive feedback for certain things about the hack since I haven't played since like 1.0 a couple years ago. There's also some things I'd like to open discussion about in regards to catch rates, boss fights with multiple shadow pokes, and other things related more to the core game, but for now I'd just like to try this version out and see what's new and fresh. Thanks!
  4. Hi, just wondering if this is still releasing this weekend. I was really wanting to play this on my weekend off, but I just want to know so I can stop refreshing the page every now and then in vain as the weekend is almost over. Please take your time doing what you want to do with it (I can see you want this to be the "finished" product judging by the 1.0 version), but would just like an update. Thanks!
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