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  1. I did it I thought the Legit build had every pokemon like the Expanded build. Apparently, it does not Thanks anyway
  2. Hey Dio_Vento I followed every single step of the guide provided here in this site. I have a Nintendo 2DS (version I installed Luma and A9LH (because it said so in the guide), the latest versions I think. Then when I tried to decrypt my cartridge to do the next steps, my Homebrew Launcher gives that error code. I have an icon on my menu that says "The Homebrew Launcher" and when I click on it, that error code pops up and I dont know why. But I downloaded the Legit Build of Umbra Moon and I managed to do something because my Pokemon Moon is altered except the Wild Encounters. I'm sorry if I cant explain myself properly but I'm portuguese and I dont understand anything about these things
  3. Hey guys. I just did all of the instructions on the guide. My Homebrew is not working and my Pokemon Umbra Moon is working except the changes on the wild pokemon. I dont know what I did wrong and I'm starting to panicking when I open the Homebrew, it just gives me the code: 00000000 01fa1000 c921081a If anybody could help me I'd be forever grateful thanks in advance
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