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  1. Shouldn't it have Hold Back amd happy Hour?
  2. Does the new build of pkhex that came out yesterday support items in USUM?
  3. So is Ultra Necrozma an inbattle thing or can it be used outside battle?
  4. Yes I know but it doesnt work. Im sending you one that works.
  5. Hi! The Hiroshima PC Magikarp wondercard is listed as USED when I inject it into my game So here is an UNUSED zip file with the wc6 for the Hiroshima PC Magikarp This wondercard is from this website. I only used pkhex to make the wondercard unused instead of used
  6. Can you upload just the wc7 files. It would be alot easier than having someone convert the wc7full file to a pk7 file for me??
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