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  1. Can you run it? (Pokemon x)
  2. PKHeX

    me-english little i want play korean(pokemon x,y) but use to pkhex = save file change laguege = first level up = frizing... i want..play.. and citra no bgm...T.T(cry...ing..
  3. im korean english little and pkhex+korean=pet choice time =prizing.. pkhex+korean = first level up = prizing...... i want goodkorea savefile frog and name= ㅇ ㅜ ㄱ ㅜ ㄴ ㅣ = 우구니 nicname=우군 skin-left frog name= not every =no name and male thanks you ㅜ.ㅜ(crying) and no bgm.....