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  1. Just for the record, as I told suloku via pm, the reason I felt the need to redump my save after I had a save dump that was converted to successful compatibility with the Pokemon dumper, was mainly because of OCD. And oh yeah I did in the end send suloku a fresh save dump, (that wasn't saveswapped,) but, whatever.
  2. The latest Java-based Windows version of PKX Delta converts Pokemon from Gens 1 and 2 to Gen 3 with the most accurate stat conversion possible. I recommend just using that.
  3. So, I thought I should tell everyone that at first the program worked for me after using a Neo N64 Myth Cart to backup my cartridge save and then using ED64-SaveSwap on the save, however that was once and now any new backups I make from the cartridge don't work with the program, even after using SaveSwap. Personally, I don't care since I have a fully-compatible backup of the save already, but I just thought I'd mention this oddity.
  4. So, Pokemon I moved from a Crystal save to a Sapphire save using this program and then from that Sapphire save to a Colosseum save in PKHeX show up as level 0. Is that normal? EDIT: Huh, it seems placing them in a box in Ruby, (or something else I did,) fixes them...
  5. Is there any way to transfer mons to past gens?

    Yes. FYI if you want to go back even further, (like, say, to Gens 2 or 1, like I did yesterday,) the conversions for that website only worked for me up to Gen 3, however what did work was opening up a Gen 3 and a Gen 2 save in Metropolis' Java program, (as opposed to his website,) as just dragging it and dropping it from one to the other.
  6. Well... Uh, this I did not expect. So, that was my old account I was locked out of that you are replying to. I was talking about the American Stadium GS, but I think you're referring to the game that was known as Pokemon Stadium 2 in Japan and Pokemon Stadium in the US. I've since made a thread asking if this method I'd use, (once I get a new working N64,) to extract my Pokemon from my cartridge would work, but if something more akin to PKHeX could be developed, all the better: So, anyways, thank you for the offer, seriously. I appreciate it. Have a great rest of the week. EDIT: Also a while back Zoinkity sent me the entire Stadium 2 Pokemon data structure but I don't know if he'd like me posting a PM he sent... Maybe he'd prefer it if I just PM'd you? I don't know. EDIT 2: Oh, yeah, if you want to look at the save dumper included in the Neoflash link included in my thread I linked to, (which you have to register on the Neoflash forum in order to download,) I know the readme says that Stadium 1 is one of the three FlashRAM games supported, however sanni, (who most likely wrote that readme,) thinks Stadium 2 should hopefully work since it's the same FlashRAM type, he just hasn't tested it like he did with Stadium 1. (Of course, he says all that later in the thread, but in case you don't go that far...)