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  1. Let me know when soundhax gets the newest update covered.
  2. I thought it may have been that, I just wasn't sure... Thanks. What files need to be at the root, in a list?
  3. Thanks. Where is the root of a SD card? How is it accessed?
  4. The link you have for it.
  5. it says JKSM could not be found..... and what is the root of the sd card. also where should all the files be?
  6. Hey. The gamer's holy word is here.

    Okay. Thanks. I'll read thoroughly and see what I can do.
  7. Hey. The gamer's holy word is here.

    Sup. The gamer's holy word (call me gamer's word if that's too long) has joined. I used the old GTS Pokemon injectors for black and white, though that was before the sequels came out. However, I only own Pokemon moon now. I'm currently trying to figure out what files are needed to use pkhex. A list and the links would be nice. Main reason for pkhex is for a level 5 hoopa for a YouTube "battle run". Oh and make a complete guide on how to use pkhex, from first download to injecting the Pokemon.