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  1. I don't know if all poke pelago pkms have the same level range. but if they do, you can use any pokepelago .pk7 file as template in pkhex and just change the species and any relevant information.
  2. after comparing multiple saves and logging my changes. I found the following tab 22- exp. collected - is not accumulative, new experience does not get added but it shows the highest experience points earned. tab 23 - total experience points earned in the last 24 hrs. this tab is accumulative but resets to zero after 24 hrs. tab 044 - total turns (it is accumulative so it counts all turns in general) tab 042 - increases by one when you catch a pokemon. it does not reset after 24 hrs. does not increase when you battle or kill a pkm. I feel this might be pkballs thrown but more testing is necessary. tab 105 - increases by 1 when a pokemon faints does not reset after 24 hour. tab 111 - increases by 1 when you defeat a pkm but it resets after 24 hours. tab 113 - increases by 1 when you catch a pkm but it resets to 0 after 24 hours. Interesting note : Transferring pkms from pokebank to sun/moon do not change any of the counters. This might mean if you drag and drop pkms from a save to sun/moon using PKHeX you do not need to worry about updating the stat records as this might emulate pokebank transfer. and you can emulate trading by updating quick links and traded pkms tab which comes handy for egg trading. Request: is there a way that someone could make a tool to export the stat records from a sun/moon save into a csv or txt file? pkhex already access these records it would just be a matter of exporting them. I'm not a developer so I'm not sure how difficult this might be. A tool like this would allow an user to compare saves and note the changes easily and more efficiently in a spreadsheet rather than opening multiple PKHeX instances and go through each tab one by one.
  3. Battle royals makes total sense. I was off by one and the only battle royal I participated in was the one with the story line. and cool we just gotta confirm if tab 115 also increases when picking up TMs. When comparing an unmodified save of the game before and after taking the first photos with the pokefinder. I noticed the following: 050 - 0x69CC8 - Total Thumbs-Ups 052 - 0x69CD0 - Record Thumbs-ups This values went from zero to the values shown in the misc tab in Trainer Data Editor.
  4. I figured that it's easier to track changes with a new save. 046 - 0x69CB8 = number of times you have ran away from battles. 003 - 69c0c = pokemon battles total(Trainer+wild+?). Early in the game this number is made up by wild pokemon battles(004)plus trainer battles(005). but comparing it with a post game save its off by a few numbers. There may be third value involved(battle spot?battle tree?). My post game was edited so it might not be reliable. I would have to play without cheats/or edits and document the changes to confirm. 005 - 69C14 = pokemon trainer battles total/defeated 115 - 0x69DAE = items picked up (does it include berries?,TMs?) - to be confirm
  5. I tested the before and after saves to see what values changed in stats after link trading using commit 560e471. I used two N3DS. and two pokemon sun game version. I believe that value 035 is the number of quick links. This number changed three times(+3) after connecting three times by quick link. I also believe that value 027 is number of BP earned it includes those earned in battle tree and Plaza. I'm hoping that if anyone can confirm this values as well. maybe we can identify some of the unknown stats labels.
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